Aprilynne Pike – Illusions (Wings #3) | Review

All about Illusions you can find on Goodreads.

Spells left us on a cliffhanger and Illusions continue where Spells stopped. I remember how frustrated I was after reading the last page od Spells and I was really happy when I started reading Illusions, mostly because Tamani was back.

I love Tamani so, so much since the first book and I don’t get it how Laurel can’t decide between him and David. The choice is so easy! Laurel is not as much annoying as in the first two books but I don’t like her very much either. I love Chelsea a lot, she is such a great friend but I don’t like her relationship with Laurel because those two hang out only when Laurel needs something and that is not fair to Chelsea at all. Yuki, as a new character, was interesting but I couldn’t get what she’s hiding. I was afraid that Tamani would fall in love with Yuki if Laurel doesn’t decide with who she wants to be but I knew Tamani would never give up on Laurel (and I also know with who is Laurel going to be at the end because I read spoiler). I ship Tamani and Laurel but she is also such a bitch to Tamani sometimes. Doesn’t she see how much he loves her?

The plot was intense and it made me wanting more and more and more but the ending was the worst cliffhanger ever! It seemed like it was only the end of another chapter and I was afraid that I miss few pages but that was it. The worst book ending ever! Author left us thinking what the hell is going to happen next and I was so frustrated. I still am!



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