What You’ve Done (In Ruins #2) (Harry Potter) | FanFiction

You can read What You’ve Done on Wattpad.675620-256-k790159

After reading In Ruins I was in really terrible mood because of the ending what you can find out on my review on In Ruins. When I found out that there is sequel to In Ruins with the title What You’ve Done, I had to read it, immediately. The title made me think that Drake and Mione are going to be together in this sequel and it happened. I was so happy. I know this was a spoiler but I don’t care. I’m happy!

I really enjoyed while reading but I have to admit that I love In Ruins a bit more. Even though What You’ve Done is written better and it’s better quality and it’s also a lot more original, In Ruins is my favourite. Why? Because in In Ruins the romance between Draco and Hermione was at the middle of the plot and I liked it so much but in What You’ve Done we have a lot of Seth and Serena, their children, because there is a paralel plot. Half of the book is about Drake and Mione getting back together and the other half is about their kids at Hogwarts. I liked the Serena’s and Seth’s POVs, it was really original and interesting to read but I wanted more Dramione moments. However, the Dramione moments we did get were adorable. Fangirling!

I admire IWearSneackers for making such wonderful fanfiction. She writes beautifully and I love her magical sentences. I want more Dramione! I love them so much and I’m really glad that they ended up together. They deserved it!

“Every touch sent me spiralling out of control as I fell deeper and deeper into the web that he had woven to trap me; and I, the innocent spider, had walked straight into it and found myself trapped in his web once more.”


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