Jay Asher – Thirteen Reasons Why | Review

All about Thirteen Reasons Why you can find on Goodreads. 1217100

The story was told on a really beautiful way, compassionate and touching. I wanted to cry at some parts. I was written in first person and we have two storytellers – Clay and Hannah. Writing style is easy, Jay Asher does not complicate the plot with unnecessarily descriptions which would only ruin the atmosphere. It perfectly  conjures sadness and depresion which follow this book on every page, but despite that, book is so easy to read and you get hooked after only few pages and then you want to find out the whole Hannah’s story. At the end I realized how much I connected with the main characters because the whole story sounds REAL.

I think everyone should read this book, many people in this world, especially teenagers, doesn’t know how much little things can affect someone. Everything… affects everything. Hannah seems like a huge drama queen because she killed herself because of few little insults and stuff. That is not true! She was bullied, and all these insults and bad things that happened to her seem like no big deal but a lot of these no big deal things happened to her and that was the final straw. Of course, I don’t think she had to kill herself, there are so many other ways of dealing with things like bullying but she didn’t deserve any of the things that happened to her. Teenagers can be really awful to each other and there are a lot of Hannahs out there but I hope there are a lot of Clays too. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. World would be so much better place if there was no bullying, people are sometimes terrible creatures. However, read this book! And when you read this book, think. Which character are you in this story? If you’re Hannah, remember this: It’s going to better, you just have to hold on and don’t let anyone destroy you. If you’re Clay, find that friend who is your Hannah and show him/her how much you love him. It will help, trust me. If you’re one of those kids who bullied Hannah, slap yourself. Just kidding, don’t do that but also don’t bully anyone, ever again. Never! Bullying sucks, it’s not cool and you’re a shitty person if you’re a bully.

Just read the book! It’s really great.


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