Beastly | Book to Movie Adaptation


I read the book Beastly by Alex Flinn few years ago and I knew there was movie out there but I never watched it. But when I accidently came across the trailer for the movie, I immediately decided that I have to watch it. The trailer look so awesome and I was very excited about the movie and it didn’t disappoint me at all. This movie was amazing. I don’t remember all the details from the book but I think the movie followed the book pretty well and they didn’t make a lot of changes.

I absolutely LOVED the cast for Beastly. That was basicly the reason why I wanted to watch the movie. Alex Pettyfer was great and so hot, and even when they made him a beast (they did a very good job with it, it was so cool and so unlike anything I imagined) he was still kind of attractive. He did a great job and he was so Kyle/Adrian, I’m very content with him playing the main role. Vanessa Hudgens was so Lindy. She did great, she was cute, innocent and nice and I loved the chemistry between her and Alex. They did great job developing their romance and I liked how Lindy slowly fell for Kyle/Adrian and that we got to see that, there was no insta-love at all. I’m very glad we got that because it is mostly ruined in the movies. Another great choice for a role was Mary-Kate Olsen who was amazing Kendra. I never imagined Kendra like that but she did a very good job and was perfect. The way she talked, walked and acted was so witchy and so Kendra, I loved it. And last but not least is Neil Patrick Harris who was absolutely perfect Will. So, so good. When I saw him in a trailer I was so excited and surprised. He was great and didn’t disappoint me at all.

The movie was surprisingly good and I absolutely adore it. It was really great and if you liked the book (I should definitely re-read it soon) I guarantee that you will love the movie. Watch it!


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