Cynthia Hand – Hallowed (Unearthly #2) | Review

All about Hallowed you can fin on Goodreads. 11563110

Even though I read Unearthly over two years ago, I finally decided to read this book and continue with the series, it’s been waiting on my shelf for a long time. I have no idea why it took me so long to finally pick up this book because I really liked Unearthy, but I’m glad I finally did and I can say that Hallowed is so much better than Unearthly. So, so much better.

I liked Tucker a lot in the first book and I found Christian pretty boring but I don’t understand what was wrong with me. I totally changed my mind while reading Hallowed. No, seriously, how could I like Tucker more than Christian? Team Christian all the way! I love him so much, Tucker suck! I don’t have some special opinion about Clara, golden middle, I don’t like her very much but I don’t hate her either. But what I have an opinion about is that she and Christian have to be together at the end! I love their relationship, they are perfect together and they belong to each other. Yeah, I ship them.

This book was full of unexpectable plot twists and beautiful, sad or happy, moments that were described so wonderfully that kept me reading this book the whole night. SPOILER ALERT! I had a feeling that Tucker is going to die throughout the whole book (actually I hoped for that to happen) but I was so disappointed when it didn’t happen. Anyway, I was happy that he and Clara broke up but I would like it even more if he died. However, I like the end, even though some died and some didn’t (*cough* Tucker *cough*). I’m looking forward to reading Boundless, the third and the last book in the trilogy. I need more Christian!


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