Beth Revis – Across the Universe (Across the Universe #1) | Review

All about Across the Universe you can find on Goodreads. 8235178

I love this book so much! It’s fantastic. Idea is so original, characters are beautfuly made and everyone has it’s own story. Description of people and life on Godspeed is so convincing and it all works together. It sounds so REAL! Beth Revis is an amazing writer with great imagination. Perfection! Also, chapters are short, written from Amy and Elder’s perspective and it gave dynamism to the story. I took me only two day to finish this book because when I once started reading it I couldn’t stop. It’s so addictive!

Amy was really nice and I liked her character a lot. She is different and I could really connect with her while reading. Elder was amazing. I totally fell for him and my love for him only grew through the book. Harley is probably the most interesting character and I liked him a lot. His story was so sad and I hate that it ended the way it did but it seemed real. Eldest is awful character. Hate that guy! He totally deserved what he got.

With every next page read I loved this book more, and more. I still feel that euphoria after reading a great book (I finished it only half an hour ago) and the only thing I want to do now is talking about the plot, the characters or anything else connected to this book. Across the Universe is really amazing book and there are no words that could describe how much I liked it. Read it! Now!


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