Cynthia Hand – Boundless (Unearthly #3) | Review

All about Boundless you can find on Goodreads and you can also read my review on Hallowed.

I loved this book from the very first page and my love for this book only grew. But I still love and hate this book at the same time. I mean, book is fantastic, plot is amazing and I was really enjoying it but I can’t get over the end. I had a feeling that Cynthia Hand couldn’t decide who should Clara be with at the end and that she decided that at the last moment so I also hoped until the last moment too. neimenovano

Do I even have to say that Christian is my favourite character? I love him so much! I love Angela too, sometimes I can find myself in her character and I loved her in this book even more than in Hallowed. I HATE Tucker! I still can’t understand how could I ever like him. I don’t have some special opinion about Clara. She was okay but I hated her at the end, that’s for sure. She made the wrong decision! One of the most interesting characters was Samjeeza (even though I have no idea how to pronounce his name). His story, his character… it was amazing. I never thought his character would have such grat background. I was so surprised and I can say he is one of my favourite characters in this book too.

I have to say my opinion about the ending. I can’t keep that in myself anymore. SPOILER ALERT! Clara and Christian should’ve been together at the end! They were my OTP! They are soulmates, perfect couple, they went through so much together. She can’t to that to them. To me! Even though I read the spoiler before I read the end I didn’t want to believe it until I read it. Why the hell did she ended up with Tucker?! She should be with Christian!  The last conversation between Clara and Christian made me cry. It was beautiful. Only few pages before the end Tucker died and I was so happy. It was too good to be truth. Of course, Tucker came back to life and, of course, now he was supernatural too. Then those two had back together moment. Tucker should’ve died at thet stupid fire in the first book and everything would be great! I can’t describe how mad and frustrated I am because of ending. I love Christian so much, he is my favourite character in the whole series and Clara was that only piece that missed for him to be whole. When he let her go and told her to be happy with Tucker and that they will maybe, after hundred years, when Tucker die, be together. I cried so much at that part. How can someone not like him? I thought I couldn’t possibly love him more than I already did but I realized that is not true. I loved him even more after that. I love him so, so much and he deserves so much more that he got, so much more than Clara gave to him.

Despite the terrible ending, Boundless is an amazing book, probably the best in trilogy (I liked it mostly because finally Clara and Christian are at the middle of the plot and there is no Tucker). It would be perfect only if the last chapter is different. If Tucker stayed dead and if Clara realized that she and Christian are meant to be, I would be happy. Just one damn chapter! This way, my heart is broken and I want to cry again.


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