Aprilynne Pike – Destined (Wings #4) | Review

All about Destined you can find on Goodreads. You can read my review on Illusions too.12846479

Destined continues where Illusions stopped. This book in intense from the very first page it stays that way until the end. Battle scene were written perfectly, I never knew what was going to happen and I kept turning pages as crazy. I absolutely love the way fairies defended themselves, especially summer fairies – illusion is awesome way of defence! I also like offence methods too, especially that red smoke. This book is full of action and I loved it, I like battles in books a lot and this book was all about that. Amazing.

Tamani is my favourite character since the first page he showed up on and I’ve been loving him since then. I really, really love him, I totally fell for him. He deserved happy ending more than anyone and I’m really glad he got it. I didn’t like David very much since the first book and that continued through the rest of the series but I started to like him in this book. And I have to mention the letter he wrote to Chelsea at the very end, I was so teary-eyed while reading it. Beautiful. Laurel is so neutral, I don’t have some opinion about her but I kind of liked her in this book, now that she finally decided what she wants and who she wants to be with. I liked Chelsea a lot, she is so nice and I want her to be my friend. I didn’t like Yuki very much but I felt sorry for her at the end. And I totally understand why she loves Tamani.

Even though I knew everything was going to end up well, I still wondered how is this possible in some situations but imagination Aprilynne Pike has amazed me. All the questions have been answered to the end of this book, great conclusion to the series. I can say that this is maybe my favourite battle I have ever read about. I’m really amazed how great this book is. I also had a feeling like Illusions and Destined was meant to be one book but it was split in two parts but I like it this way too. What I didn’t like was that Illusions stopped at the most intence part, HUGE cliffhanger. Anyway, Aprilynne Pike defintiely made up to us with this book so I forgive her for that terrible cliffhanger. I’m going to miss these series because Wings were in my life for two years and I’m definitely going to miss Tamani.

I just HAVE TO say what happens at the end. SPOILER ALERT! Laurel and Tamani are together! Yes! I ship those two and love them so much, I was so happy. Even though I knew that was going to happened even before I started reading Illusions (I read a spoiler, yes) I didn’t believe it until I read it. One of the reasons why I started reading this book is the happy end. I desperately needed it after Unearthly series.


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