DelSheree Gladden – Invisible (Aerling #1) | Review

You can also read Invisible on Wattpad, an all you want to know about this book you can find on Goodreads. 18681291

I accidently found this book on Wattpad and when I read the summary I knew this book is going to be amazing. And it didn’t dissapoint me. I got hooked after reading the first 4 sentences. How many books can to that?

I fell in love with Mason at the very first page. He is the most interesting character in this book and I absolutely love chapters in his POV. His relationship with Olivia is beautiful and I knew they will be together at the end. I’m really glad that they confessed their feelings to each other, that scene in bathroom was amazing. But I also hated the end SPOILER ALERT! when they had to separate because that is the only way they will be safe. I cried when they were saying goodbye. I actually liked Olivia a lot, I could totally connect with her, especially when she didn’t want to share Mason with anyone. Another character I really liked is Evie. That girl is so amazing. Even though she seemed a bit shallow at the beginning, that really changed later. Her advices for Olivia were great and I loved their relationship. I want a younger sister like her! I hated Robin from the moment she appeared in the book and I didn’t trust her for a second. Yeah, I feel sorry for her because she lost her Aerling and because her parents don’t love her, but I don’t like her anyway, she is so annoying. I also didn’t like Hayden, he was suppose to be a perfect guy but he turned out to be too perfect and I don’t like that. I don’t buy it, he is hiding something. I loved it that Olivia dumped him from her life. Go girl!

I can’t do this review without saying how wonderful DelSheree Gladden writes. Her sentences are so powerful, magical and beautiful, I absolutely enjoyed reading Invisible. I think Invisible is one of the most original books I recently read, it is very well written and it is one of my all time favourite books. It is truly fantastic! I can’t wait to read the second book, Intangible, because there are so much unanswered questions and I need to know what will happen! It’s not fair! I already miss Mason and I want to find out what is going to happen with him on his 18th birthday. I hope he will get to Aerling World and that Olivia will go with him but I have some bad feeling she is going to die. Hopefully I’m wrong. I need more!


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