Cassandra Clare – City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5) | Review


All about City of Lost Souls you can find on Goodreads.

I couldn’t make myself to read this book, mostly because I knew that, when I finish it, I won’t have any other book in The Mortal Instruments series to read. I know, 6th book is coming out in less than 20 days, but I won’t be able to read it right away and until then, I will be finished with The Mortal Instruments. And I can’t handle that. Anyway, I obviously read it and now I’m dying while waiting for City of Heavenly Fire. What an amazing feeling.

Do I even have to say how much I love Jace? He is my favourite character in the whole series, I mean, who wouldn’t love him? Or at least like him? Yeah, he is my No. 1 fictional boyfriend and I love him so, so much. He is perfect. Even though I suspected that he will be different in this book, I was wrong. He was just as amazing as in any other book. I mean, he was not himself, of course, but he still joked and was all perfect so in that way, he was the same. And I adored it. His jokes were the reason I fell for him (okay, his looks may have to do something with that also but…) Cassie managed to make perfectly unperfect character and I absolutely love her because of that. Jace is the best!  think you got that. So, next character. Clary is probably my favourite female protagonist ever (I don’t like most of the female protagonists). I really like that girl, she is not annoying (whatever some people might say) and I understand her in most of situations. Cassie didn’t make her too perfect, she has good and bad traits and she is really relatable character. And of course, Clace is one of my OTPs and they are so cute together. Some people say that their relationship is disfunctional but I disagree. They are soul mates, perfect couple and they just have to be together at the end. They are perfect together. Sebastian, that son o a bitch (literally, if you ask me, but more about that later). I didn’t like him very much in City of Fallen Angels, but in this book he got under my skin. I just love psychopaths! Yeah, he is crazy and insane but I understand him at some points and sometimes I found myself in his character (I know how weird this sounds but it’s true). However, I am not defending him, he did some terrible things with which I do not agree and I definitely want him to lose in the war that is coming. But I also have to admit, I fell for him. But he is so dark and interesting and AWESOME! Okay, Jace and Sebastian are not the only guys I fell for in these series. Here is also Simon. I didn’t really like him in City of Bones, but as I kept reading books in these series I started to like him more and more and more… Now I can’t even remember I didn’t like him in the first place. His friendship with Clary is amazing, I wish I have a best firend like Simon. They are the best best friends I’ve ever read about. I also like his relationship with Isabelle, they are so cute. Sizzy has to work! They have to be together at the end! They are just amazing together. Perfect couple. I love Isabelle a lot too. She is so strong, great female character. She is such a badass! Izzy rules! The character I still don’t really like, even after I read five books about him, is Alec. I do not hate him, I don’t have any real reason why I don’t like him but I just don’t. I just think he is too wimpy (don’t kill me for saying that). I the battles, in the other hand, he becomes stronger and more determined so I like him that way better. In the battle. He should be like that in the other parts of the book too but I think that just shows us how insecure he really is. But what I do like about him is his relationship with Magnus. Malec is another one of my OTPs and I absolutely love them together. And now whem I’m already talking about Malec I have to say something about the end. SPOILER ALERT! When those two broke up, I wanted to cry. I almost did. I did not expect that coming. How can she do something like that to me? However, I don’t blame Magnus for what he did, he had every right to do it. But why? They have to get back together in City of Heavenly Fire or I’m going to hurt someone. I like Magnus a lot, his character is so original and cook, he is AWESOME! How can someone not love him? I mean, he has battle geat with glitter! Next, Maia and Jordan. They are so cute together, I really like these werewolves. Luke is another werewolf I really like. He is great. Jocelyn, in the other hand, is such a bitch (here comes the part about Sebastian being a son of a bitch). She didn’t do anything bad or something, I just hate her. Okay, I don’t actually hate her but I do not like her. At all. I just don’t. She is so annoying!

I have to say something about the ending. SPOILER ALERT! First, I knew they are going tho get Jace back even before I started reading City of Lost Souls because when I finished City of Fallen Angels I had to calm myself down so I had a sneak peak to check is everything going to be allright with jace at the end of City of Lost Souls. Don’t judge me! I had to know. Anyway, I didn’t know how are they going to make Jace normal again (kind of) so that was very surprising and consequences were even more surprising. And why the hell Jace has to die every book or two? I’m going to get a heart attack next time, I’m serious. You can’t just mess with my feelings like that. But Jace dying is perfectly okay with me as long as he comes back to life after that (2/2 by far). What I didn’t like at the ending was Alec and Magnus breaking up. I already said how I feel about that so I’m not going to repeat myself. But I have to say this. What the hell did Alec expect would happen when Magnus finds out that he wanted to make him mortal without saying him a word? However, I didn’t expect (Magnus to find out, haha) that Magnus was going to leave him. Another thing that really shocked me was Maureen killing Camille. Like WTF? How did that happen? And I also have a feeling that Maureen is going to turn Alec into a vampire (that would also be a perfect way for him and Magnus to stay together forever). However, these are only my predictions, but for this one, I really hope I’m right.

Cassandra Clare is great writer and she is definitely one of my favourite authors of all time. I love her writing style, her characters, her plot twists and her writing in general. I look up to her because I want to be a writer too and I wish I will write like that someday. That woman is a queen! I can’t wait to read her other series about Shadowhunters but I’m looking forward to read The Bane Chronicles because Magnus FTW. The Infernal Devices do not attract me that much but I will be reading this trilogy soon. The Dark Artifices are another Shadowhunter series and I think the first book is coming out in March 2015. Can’t wait to read it. Another thing I love about Cassie’s writing are her male characters. Damn, why do they have to be so perfect. I mean, Jace, Sebastian, Simon, Magnus… I love all of them and they are so different. Every single one of them is unique and amazing on his own special way. And I fell for all of them. Great. Thanks a lot for that, Cassie!

As I already said, The Mortal Instruments are definitely my favourite series of all time and I doubt it that any other series would ever take the throne. These books actually surpassed Harry Potter which I thought never would happen. Oh, by the Angel, I love these books so much! Highly recommend to everyone.


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