Amanda Hocking – Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong #0.5) | Review

On Goodreads you can find out all about Forgotten Lyrics. 16080136

I accidently found Forgotten Lyrics on Wattpad and I thought it sounds interesting. Even though a plot is a bit confuzing because I haven’t read Watersong series yet, this prequel can be read on its own. The book is actually pretty short, maybe the book is not a good name, better would be short story. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and now I want to read Watersong series. If I got it right, plot in Forgotten Lyrics takes place five years before the plot of Wake, first book in the Watersong series.

I liked Lydia. I mean, you can’t really form some real opinion about a character while reading only 50 pages about them, but I can say I like her. I would like to read more about her, but if I got it right from the comments on Goodreads, she will not appear in following books. I also liked Lydia’s grandmother Delia, she is really cool, I’m sorry that she won’t appear later too. And what is a YA book without some hot guy? Of course, here is Daniel, who I really like. In these 50 pages he got under my skin, I have to admit that. While reading I thought he and Lydia are going to be together in later books, but now I realized they won’t and I feel a bit of relief because Lydia is 5 years older than Daniel and that would be awkward. I liked Mackenzie too even though we can read about her only few pages.

As I said, I’m planning to read Watersong series, idea seems pretty original and interesting just as the other books by Amanda Hocking. This short story is great to kill boredom and relaxing with good story. I recommend.


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