DelSheree Gladden – Intangible (Aerling #2) | Review

All you have to know about Intangible you can find on Goodreads.20816036

DelSheree Gladden is fantastic writer and even better person. When I sent her a message on Wattpad after I read Invisible, first book in The Aerling Series, she sent me this book for free as an ebook. I’m really thankful for that and all she asked in return was hones review.

I think it’s obvious how much I liked Invisible and you can read my review on Invisible on this blog too. Intangible was even more complicated, more intense and more interesting, I absolutely loved it. It was a real rollercoaster of feelings!

Mason is definitely my favourite character and I love him so much. I probably loved him even more in this book, if that was possible. Mason and Olivia are one of my OTPs and they are really cute together. I like Olivia a lot too and I liked her even more at the end of this book when she realized how to fulfill her job as an Escort. Another character who I really liked is Molly, new character who SPOILER ALERT! turned out to be Mason’s younger sister. How awesome is that? She was so cute, how can anyone not like her? Her relationship with Mason was really beautiful, I liked how she looked up to him and never wanted to separate from him. Adorable. I hated the part when they were saying goodbye to eachother. Feels. Okay, next character. I knew they shouldn’t trust Robin! I didn’t like her in Invisible and now I can freely say I hate her. That bitch! She was so annoying but at least she got what she deserves. In the first half of the book Hayden was really annoying and I just wanted to slap him and tell him to stay away from Olivia because he has no chances with her. She has Mason. SPOILER ALERT! But then, when they saved Mason he started to change and by the end of the book I actually started to like him. I still think he is too perfect and I did not like him too much, but he is okay, I guess. It was so shocking when we found out SPOILER ALERT! he is an Escort too. I mean, I knew he was hiding something but I thought he was Sentinel or something. I have to admit, I like the way it turned out much better. Parkers were awesome and they totally changed my perspective of Caretakers. So there are normal Caretakers out there after all!

As I said, but I have to repeat, DelSheree Gladden is really fantastic writet, plot twists are really unpredictable and I can never know what to expect. Her sentences are magical and powerful, especially when she describes Mason using his power. I enjoyed reading Intangible from first to last page, I laughed and cryed while reading and all that proves how good book this is. The end totally shocked me. SPOILER ALERT! When it seemed that Olivia is not going with Mason to the Aerling World and that they will say goodbye to eachother forever, it hurted much more than I thought it will. I had only one chapter left until the end of a book and I could only hope that things will change because I couldn’t handle that many feels. That hope made me to read the last chapter and I’m so glad because of that. I was so overwhelmed when they both passed to Aerling World but it didn’t last for long because our dear writer had to put another plot twist there. Of course! So Robin ruined everything when she passed to Aerling World with them and she damaged the Bridge between two worlds so now Sentinels can pass to the Aerling World too and kill all the Aerlings. Of course, Mason is the only one who can stop that from happening because he is the most powerful Aerling and only he can find the Mother in human world and ask her to fix the Bridge. I’m really glad that Mason and Olivia are going back to the human world because I realized that I am not ready to say goodbye to all the other characters in this book. I can’t wait to start reading third book in the series, Invincible, which is aviliable on Wattpad.

I highly recommend these books, they are definitely one of my favourites!


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