Sara Poole – Poison (The Poisoner Mysteries #1) | Review

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Amazingly boring book. I took me half of the year to finish it, but now I did and I’m so proud on myself. I’m not really a type for historical fiction and I found this book really boring because mostly nothing happened, there was only a bit of action. And I really don’t care about all that Church things and all these Pope games. BORING! But, as I said, fans of historical fiction would  probably love this book and this is just my opinion. I’m really proud on myself that I managed to finish this book even though I hated it. That just proves how stubborn I can be.

Francesca is a weird character but I didn’t like her. She is too scared for her soul and she exaggerates everything. Maybe that’s just influence of a time period she lives in and maybe it’s not. I just didn’t like her. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters in the book but Rodrigo Borgia fascinated me with his machinations and brilliant moves. At the end of the book I realized I like Cesare because then we actually get to know him and he is a very interesting character so he is probably my favourite character in Poison. I liked Vittoro too, even though I don’t have some special reason for that. I liked Lucrezia but she didn’t appear in the book so much so I can’t have some real opinion about her.

Ending was so obvious so that is maybe one of the reasons why this book was so boring. I really didn’t care what will happen at the end but when it did happen I was like: Oh, yeah, I thought that was going to happen. SPOILER ALERT! It was so predictable that Borgia was going to be the next Pope. I don’t know what else to say about this book. I thought it will be much better and I expected more but I think my dissapointment is visible. Still, I’m glad I finished Poison because I hate leave books unfinished. I will not recommend this book to you, but if you like historical fiction, go ahead, you may enjoy it.


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