Becca Fitzpatrick – Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2) | Review

All about Crescendo you can find on Goodreads.Crescendo

First I have to say one thing. I absolutely LOVE the covers on every single book in these series. They are just so beautiful and amazing and they fit to the plot perfectly. I adore them. I just had to say that.

I know that Hush, Hush series would sound like another YA with angels to most of the people, but it’s definitely not true. These books are really amazing and you’ll get hooked after reading only few pages. I love Becca Fitzpatrick‘s writing and almost every character she made (except Nora, she is just STUPID) and I have to say, these books are magical. Seriously.

Patch is my favourite character, and he was my favourite character three years ago when I read the first book. I defended him in my mind the whole time while reading this book and I totally understood Nora when she didn’t want to believe obvious facts. SPOILER ALERT! Anyway, I still don’t understand why she left him. Okay, I wanted to throw up while reading the parts where he was with Marcie, but I loved him anyway. Nora was changing her mind too much and that’s why I didn’t really like her in this book. She has a fight with Patch and breaks up with him and in two seconds she wants him back. She yells at him and tells him awful things and then SHE waits for HIM to call her. Am I the only one who does not understand that? Where is the logic here? Anyway, I totally understood her when she knew Patch is with Marcie, I totally felt the same as her. I hate Marcie and I doubt it I will ever like her. She is simply not a type of person I would like to have in my life. Vee, in the other hand, is so me. I totally found myself in her character and I liked her so much.  She is the best female character in Crescendo! Rixon… SPOILER ALERT! I really didn’t expect him to be the one who killed Nora’s father. Damn, I liked that guy! Scott was awful and I didn’t like him at all, but at the end he somehow changed and I started to like him a bit, but not too much. I liked it when he confessed everything to Nora and he even bought her a car (come on!). Anyhow, I still think he is a bit of a freak.

I was a bit annoying at the beginning of the book that there was only description of teenage girl’s life after break up. What that has to do with the plot? NOTHING! Anyway, I enjoyed reading these parts but I liked the ones with action a lot more. The end totally shocked me. Two pages before ending everything seemed to be good and then, BOOM, cliffhanger. SPOILER ALERT! Nora and Patch were finally together again, Rixon was in Hell, Scott left and everything is great and then, here comes the main villian of the book and ruins everything. Great. Just great. Un-fucking-believable. So now I’m going to read Silence, third book in the series and I hope I will get some answers soon. And besides, I need more Patch! Highly recommend these series.

P. S. Read this review on Crescendo I just found on Goodreads, it’s amazing. Kim really said everything.


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