Becca Fitzpatrick – Silence (Hush, Hush #3) | Review

All you have to know about Silence you can find on Goodreads. 10637766

After cliffhanger at the end of second book in the series, Crescendo, I had to start reading Silence immediately. I loved this book and hated it in the same time. Feeling that best describes reading this book is frustration. AND when finally things are good again, BOOM, happens something bad and we are at the beginning again. It was very frustrating when Nora couldn’t remember anything and it was even worse when she was with Jev/Patch and he acted the way he did, specially at the beginning. It was a great book and I enjoyed it so much but there was too many feels. I was so freaking out while reading (I think everyone got that from my updates on Goodreads).

Nora was a bit annoying character at the beginning when she couldn’t remember anything but I guess that is how it was supposed to be bacause I didn’t lose my memory so I knew things Nora didn’t. Later, when she found out about angels again, she became less annoying and okay. I don’t like her very much as a protagonist but she can pass. Patch or Jev, whatever his name is, was equaly perfect as in first two books, maybe even better. Maybe this does not make any sense but I liked Jev more than Patch, he is just more mysterious and more interesting. Okay, Patch was like that in the first book too but this was really refreshing and it made Patch even better character. I love him so much, he is amazing and he is definitely on my fictional boyfriend list. I liked Scott much better in this book than in Crescendo. He changed so much and I even felt a bit sorry for him at the end. I hated that guy in Crescendo, he was so disgusting and… just no. But in Silence he is actually a nice guy and I could understand him. My high opinion about Vee was ruined in this book even though I have no idea why. I liked her a lot in Hush, Hush and even more in Crescendo but in this book I didn’t like her at all. I hated how she kept secrets from Nora even though that was ”for her own good”. Friends shouldn’t do that. Marcie, in the other hand, became much nicer and better in this book, I actually started to like her. I could connect with her and understand her. It was not her fault that he was dragged in the middle of something bigger than her that she could not understand so her father manipulated with her and used her. Hank was such a psychopath and I didn’t feel for him not even a bit. He was just awful. I’m really glad he ended the way he did. SPOILER ALERT! I’m really, really happy because Nora killed him. He didn’t deserve anything better.

Silence broke my heart dozens of times but it also made me jump and laugh with happiness. It was a rollercoaster of feelings. At the beginning I hated this book and it totally broke me with that scene in Nora’s dream when she talked to Patch and he told her that she won’t remember that dream because it’s better that way. Then, when Jev appeared everything became even more confusing because he tried give Nora a normal life without angels and all that supernatural stuff and he tried to get away from her so she can live that life he wanted for her. That broke me for the second time. Anyway, I was so happy when Jev and Nora FINALLY talked more honestly, Jev acted like old Patch and finally told her everything. Fangirling! An then, bad thing start to happen again and Patch says Nora to stay in his ‘apartment’ and don’t go anywhere until he gets back but why would she ever do something safe? SPOILER ALERT! Of course, she leaves the apartment so she can help Scott and of course, Hank catches her. That’s just amazing. And then Nora makes the worst decision ever and she makes a deal with the devil, or Hank in this case. Great. Anyway, Patch amazingly catches Hank and drags him into something like basement or so and Nora appears and wants to kill him but she changes her mind and says it’s better for him to suffer there the whole eternity. And I’m like, okay, that’s good, you won’t have to lead the nephilim army while he is still alive and everything and I’m happy about that. And then Hank wants to make a show and he pulls out Patch’s feather and he shows them that he can send Patch in Hell in a second and then Nora shot him. I was so stressed in that scene, I was really scared for Patch! I was thinking about that feather throughout the whole book but then, just for a moment, I forgot about it and that Hank has it and this happens. OMG! That was probably the best scene in the whole book. But what I don’t get is why Hank didn’t burn Patch’s feather. I mean, I’m really glad that he didn’t, I would throw a book over the room if he did but I just don’t get it. He knew Nora would kill him if he hurt Patch and he knew he can’t get out of it but he still wanted to make a show instead of just burning a feather. So, Nora would shoot him anyway but he would at least have his revenge because he would send Patch to Hell. It’s just not believable. But I’m not complaining! So, Nora kills Hank and everything is good, they are happy, I am happy and every reader out there is happy but our author, our dear Becca Fitzpatrick is not happy because she can’t end the book like that. If there was not 34th chapter, these series could easy be trilogy and not quartet. But our author decides that she has to have another book so she writes 34th chapter and ruins everything. AND she leaves us on a cliffhanger AGAIN! She made great fundations for Finale, last book in the series and left us all biting our nails while we wait for what will happen next. Thank you a lot for that!

Anyhow, I love these series so much but Silence is by far the best book in the series. You should definitely read Hush, Hush series, but prepate tissues! So many feels. Hope I will read Finale soon.


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