P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast – Destined (House of Night #9) | Review

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I remember reading these series about four years ago and I loved the series so much and now I decided to continue where I stopped. After 4 years I was amazed how much of a plot I actually remember but there were still some parts I didn’t remember. To 11-year-old me these books were awesome and because of that my rating on Goodreads for first eight books is 5 of 5 stars but I know that would change if I reread books now (what I’m not going to do). Main thing that bothered me while reading were dialogues. They were just terrible, especially when Zoey and her friends talked to each other. What’s with that language? It’s like author wanted to sound cool because of teen readers but seriously, who speak like that? I was shocked. This book would be so much better if just dialogues were different. And the other thing that also bothered me, but not as much as dialogues, were the characters. Most of them were so shallow and stupid and all of them were built on a stereotype what was really annoying. I also want to say that I liked 3rd person writing much better than 1st person writing, maybe that was because Zoey was so annoying, but I also realized that the writing is better in 3rd person, there was more description, deeper thoughts and we got to know characters better than when we were in Zoey’s head.

Now the characters. Zoey was so annoying and stupid. She did nothing except whining throughout the whole book. She is supposed to be some badass protagonist or something but she did NOTHING for the plot. I just wanted to slap her. Stevie Rae was okay but I hated how she is built on a stereotype and all that, just not convincing enough. But I did like her relationship with Rephaim and how she defended him and wanted a normal life for him. Rephaim is probably my favourite character in the book because he is one of rare characters in Destined with who I could connect and understand hih thoughts. He just wanted to be loved and I hated how everyone was accusing him for that. I just loved him in this book and I’m really glad he didn’t die in the end because that would really suck. Kalona is also one of my favourite characters, he is just so powerful and beautiful and awesome and I totally understood him. And I loved the ending, how he came when Stevie Rae called him and said Rephaim he was sorry and then said Thanatos he will protect her and all that. Amazing end, loved it so much. I don’t get it how can anyone hate Kalona. Neferet, in the other hand, is terrible, disgusting, awful bitch. I hate her! She doesn’t have any reason to be evil except that she thinks she is better than anyone else. Like, seriously? I could never like her, she is very hateable villian. I don’t even want to write about her anymore. Another character I could really understand and connect with is Aurox. I loved that character, I liked how he was confused about who he is, how he wanted to be good but Neferet made him do terrible things and how he struggled to be himself, not just Neferet’s slave but he lost that battle… amazing. probably the character with most potential in the whole series. I also likes Shaunee a lot in this book because she was finally becoming her own person and not just the part of the Twins. There was a lot of character development and I was so happy for Shaunee. Erin, in the other hand, was left aside, forgotten. When Twins separated all focus was turned on Shaunee and her thoughts about that, but we didn’t get anything from Erin, she was just left in the background and I didn’t like that. Aphrodite was probably the shallowest character ever and she could be so much more if the authors tried to give her a shot. I don’t get it. I like Aphrodite but she was such stereotype. Just no. It could’ve been so much more. Darius was more like a pet than real human being. He was always in the backgroun, he talked very little and he was just driving them in that bus. He was so unimportant and I didn’t get the point of his existance except for Aphrodite to have a boyfriend. Again, it could’ve been so much more. Stark… I loved him while reading these series but in this book I realized how much of a jerk he is, like the rest of male character in the book actually (except Rephaim and Kalona). His relationship with Zoey was so fake and it was all about kissing and sex. Urgh. Stark could’ve been such an amazing character just if authors made him a bit more of his own person and not just another man in Zoey’s life (because she had a lot of guys in her life – she IS a slut – I mean, Heath, Erik, Loren, Kalona, Stark… did I forgot someone? Prabably.). I like all that Guardian stuff but as her boyfriend he was just a douchebag. I was so dissapointed. I liked Lenobia and her cowboy Travis. They were so cute together and I loved reading about them. Probably the cutest parts of the book were the ones with those two. Beautiful. I also liked Erik and Shaylin and I thought that is another great idea for a plot but then they were forgotten and left aside like the authors didn’t know what to do with them anymore. Very dissapointing.

I was amazed how authors can do such a fantastic job with one character and leave other shallow and boring. If they put a bit more effort in their writing, these series could be much more better and amazing. I mean, I like the series and they are good, but it frustrates me that it could have been so much better. Idea is amazing, plot is interesting, there are a lot of characters that could be unique and interesting but they all seem the same bacause they were presented to us badly.There were highlights of the book, some really good parts where EVERYTHING was good and I couldn’t believe that the same wirter wrote that and the text few pages earlier. Best example are parts with Kalona and parts with Aurox, they were amazing, I really enjoyed them. And then, there were these parts with Zoey and her friends or with Zoey and Stark and I was just like WHAT? How can someone write that good and that bad at the same time? I was actually dissapointed while reading this book because I expected much more but it’s okay. While reading, I got the impression that authors came up with some really cool idea (like Shaylin, Aurox, splitting Twins…) but then they didn’t know what to do with it so they just passed on the main plot and forgot about these things. Writers shouldn’t do that, and even if they do, there are editors who should do their job and tell them that they should do something with that idea when they brought it up in the first place. So frustrating!

Anyway, I do recommend this book (these series) because they ARE good and they ARE interesting and I still remember how much I enjoyed reading them four years ago.


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