Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) | Review

All about City of Heavenly Fire you can find on Goodreads. You can also check my thoughts while I was reading here.

I got this as an ebook the same day it got out and I was super excited but I couldn’t make myself to read it. I didn’t want The Mortal Instruments series to be finished. However, I couldn’t resist it forever so I finally picked it up but I decided to give it a slow read to enjoy it longer. I read only one chapter per day but as I got closer to the end I needed more than only a chapter per day so I ended up finishing it last night.


Prologue was a bit confusin at the beginning because we met a lot of new characters but I like it was action-packed and I got hooked immediately. At first the book was pretty slow but I didn’t mind, there were a lot of cute Malec, Clace and Sizzy scenes that I loved so much and there were a lot of funny moments too. I was so sad because of Emma, I felt so sorry for her when she found out that her parents are dead. I just wanted to hug her. The way she was hugging Cortana even though she was bleeding was absolutely beautiful. Sebastian with the Seelie Queen? No! I hate that bitch. But okay, he was just using her anyway because that is what he does. When Maureen kidnaped Simon I was scared at first but I laughed so much when Simon realized what he was wearing. “Tight leather pants. Very tight. Very leather.” And I definitely didn’t expect Raphael to help him, last time I checked, Raphael hated him. Maureen is the perfect example why kids shouldn’t be in charge. That girl is crazy! When Jordan died it didn’t hit me at all. I knew it was going to happen (I accidently read the spoiler before I even started the book) but it shocked me that it happened so early in the book. I expected it to happen at the end, in some battle or something but Sebastian just appeared and killed him. And the way he was so cruel and cold while he was doing it was so awesome! I love the battle at the Citadel. So much action, so intense. Clary should’ve killed Amatis, though. And how Jace did the thing with Heavenly Fire was awesome. I was scared for Brother Zachariah a bit but I absolutely loved how Clary saved Jace, she gave all her energy to save him. It was great when Simon appeared in Alicante. He and Isabelle were so cute and then Alec came and it was hilarious. And I liked how Magnus said he is not in Idris because of Alec but then he said he IS there because of Alec and I was just smiling the whole time. Malec all the way! So Brother Zachariah became hot and he is not a Silent Brother anymore. That was awesome! And I loved how Isabelle reacted when she saw him for the first time. “When did Brother Zachariah get hot?” Drunk Simon is the best Simon. I laughed so much. And Isabelle’s reaction when he said that he loves her… I never thought I would read about drunk Simon because vampires can’t get drunk of alcohol. Sebastian really knows how to make a scene. When he appeared in Clary’s room I was so confused. He shouldn’t be able to get in Alicante but yeah, it’s Sebastian. He can do whatever he wants, obviously. But he is such a drama queen! Any why I found it so amusing that all that Simon did throughout that chapter was sleeping? I was also confused when I didn’t know what happened to Magnus, Luke, Jocelyn and Raphael but I assumed that it’s Faeries’ fault. Of course Jace and Clary were going to sacrifice themselves to save everyone else. I like how Sebastian knows exactly what to do to get what he wants. Best villian ever! I was just waiting for them to make something stupid. Again. And they didn’t disappoint me. And Maia, she is such a badass. I knew she’ll become a pack leader, knew it! I liked how she saved Bat’s life and beat the huge werewolf on her own. So badass! The scene at the Seelie Court was so cool, I liked how Alec just killed Meliorn without hesitation. I didn’t expect that coming. Go Alec! So Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Alec are on a highway to Hell now, literally. I loved how Jace wanted to help Mark but he couldn’t and that guilt he felt was so obvious. Do I even have to explain how much I love him? I knew Queen tricked them, knew it! I liked the part about the Queen and Sebastian being lovers but ready to stab each other in the back if they feel like it. So great! Chapter 14 was the best chapter in the whole book, probably in the whole series. At first I was confused but I got it very quicky. When they all saw their desires, it was so beautiful. It made me sad a bit, especially Clary’s. She saw Sebastian the way he would be if he hadn’t had demon blood and if Jocelyn raised him. It was beautiful. Simon was expected but what I didn’t expect was when he and Clary kissed and I was so confused. Doesn’t he want to be with Isabelle? But then he said to Clary “I love you, Isabelle.” and I felt such a relief. Izzy’s dream was also expectalbe. She just wanted to be happy and surrounded with people she loves and who love her. Alec’s was probably the weirdest. I was nice when his father was saying how proud he is of his son and all that but when Jace told him he’s in love with him (kind of) I was confused as hell. But then Magnus appeared and told us what is happening and I loved how Alec asked him what was with that part about Jace and he said “That part’s just weird.” I loved these dreams so much and I love the explanation that demos see our desires but they mosty get them wrong so we don’t see our real desire but altered version of it. I wanted to know what Jace saw so badly and I knew it was somethig bad the second he said he saw nothing. Later we found out it was bad and my theory was actually right. He saw himself side by side with Sebastian, destroying the world and I predicted that. I feel so powerful because of that. I loved the atmosphere in the demon realm. I mean, it’s terrible, but I liked how it suits perfectly and it sound so real. I loved how Maia killed Maureen. Someone had to do it! Chapter 18: I love Jace so much but he can be an idiot sometimes. He sees a shiny weapon and he wants it. He doesn’t listen to Simon, he doesn’t even consider a thought it might be a trap. No, he wants a weapon and he is going to get it. Couldn’t he listen to Simon only for once? Nope. So Jace took the weapon and demon came. And Isabelle was wounded. Great job, Jace! I really thought she was going to die but it crossed my mind that Simon’s blood could heal her (I knew it would work in The Vampire Diaries but I wasn’t sure would it work here) and he did it and it worked. Simon was the best in this chapter. It was beautiful and terrible when Jace saw a demon who looked like the Iron Sister he killed while he was Sebastian’s bitch and how he would let Heavenly Fire to consume him and kill him if it weren’t for Clary. I love how she helped him because if Jace died then, and he would if Clary didn’t show up, I would die to. Raphael’s death didn’t hit me. I knew it was going to happen too (another spoiler) and Sebastian again just came and killed him. I loved how Raphael didn’t want to kill Magnus because he saved his life once and that he died because of that. I liked the talk between Alec and Simon, they are so awesome! In chapter 20 we finally got Clace sex scene. It was beautiful. We waited six books for that scene and I knew it will be special and awesome. But the thing that made me laugh and it was so awkward was that Jace actually brought condoms to the demon realm. Seriously? I thought it’s only me who noticed how weird that is but I realized a lot of people noticed it. I mean, go Jace, you can have safe sex and all that but why would you thought you’ll need condoms in the demon realm? I laughed a lot at that part. And after that, we got some Sizzy scene and it was so funny when Simon mentioned Facebook and Izzy was like “You have a book that is also a face?” I laughed a lot! And then Alec walked in, AGAIN. Poor Alec, he was the only one who was single there and I know how much he hated it. It was so funny when Jace tried to explain to the rest of them his strategy and they all were so confused. I like how they used Simon’s idea and how Simon was so confuse that Jace accepted his idea. It was so funny. It was so intense when they finally faced Sebastian and I was really afraid that he is going to kill one of the prisoners. When Clary accepted the throne and everything I wasn’t really concerned. I knew (hoped) she has some backup plan, some idea how to save everyone but I was worried about Jace. I loved when Sebastian said “It’s a party!” I couldn’t wait to see reaction of all the others when they find out what Clary did. It was so powerful when they had to bow to the queen and Jace gave Clary to him and how he couldn’t even look at her. It broke my heart. And as a cherry on top Sebastian told Clary to kiss him in front of everyone to show them she’s serious. It was creepy. From the title of the chapter (Juda’s Kiss) I knew she was going to kill him then but I didn’t know how when he’s immortal. But she did it because she put Heavenly Fire into Heosphorus. Amazing. I had no clue what was she doing and I was so shocked when Sebastian actually died. Loved how Jace and Clary didn’t tell anyone about their plan so it would look convincing. When Sebastian was dying and Heavenly Fire burned all evil out of him and he became Jonathan, it was so heartbreaking and beautiful. That was the person he was meant to be, the person he could’ve been if there was no Valentine. But there was still one problem left. They couldn’t get back to Idris and they were all trapped in Edom. Luckly Magnus had his father so he “helped” them, but not without paying a price. When demon father (I forgot his name, something on A) wanted to take Magnus’ immortality and he would die because he lived for 400 years I was like No, you can’t do that! Magnus is too awesome to die! No! but Simon came up with a brilliant idea that seemed perfect. He would give demon father his immortality because he was only 17 and he wouldn’t die. He never wanted to be a vampire at the first place. But of course, demon father doesn’t want them to be happy so he decided he will take Simon’s immortality but he will also take all of his memories of the Shadow World. It was heartbreaking. Why Simon of all the characters?! I was so frustrated! Thank god, they fixed it later, even though I didn’t get it how. Magnus did something so he gave him a few memories but before that, when Clary met Simon and he didn’t remember anything, it was terrible. But when they saw that Simon’s band name is The Mortal Instruments, it was amazing. It’s a great conclusion because he was searching for a good band name throuhgout the whole series and now they finally have the best name. I see what you did there, Cassie.
I love the ending so much but I really didn’t expect it to finish so happily. I expected more deaths and more deaths of important people but I’m glad it didn’t happen, though.

I still like Clary a lot, I understand her and I totally could connect with her. Jace is perfection. Best male character ever. Seriously. I love him so much, I love his character, his personality is amazing and I love his character development through the series. He was through so much and he deserves to be happy. He’s perfection. Simon is amazing too. I would love to have a best friend like him, he is just the type of person you want in your life. I hate that he had to sacrifice his memories and immortality to save everyone and I love him even more because of that. Isabelle is awesome. She is such a strong character, she knows how to take care of herself but she also needs Simon. I loved how we got to know her better with every book in the series and her character development was so visible. Love Izzy! Alec was amazing in this book and I actually started to like him. Character development was huge, probably the best in the whole series. The way he did everything for Magnus and how he got rid of his insecurity… amazing! Magnus is the best, he is so awesome and I think everyone love him. There was also a lot of character development and I love how he decided that Alec is worth everything and when he gave him the book where he wrote the important moments of his past… aww. I love magnus so much and I can’t wait to read The Bane Chronicles! I started loving Raphael in this book and then he died on such a beautiful way (if that makes sense). How he died because he didn’t want to kill Magnus and everything… loved it! Luke wasn’t so important in this book but I loved how he called Clary his daughter all the time and he didn’t do that in previous books. So cute. I don’t like Jocelyn. I just don’t. She’s annoying and I never liked her. I loved Maia in this book so much. She’s such a badass. I’m glad she’s a leader of the pack now, she’ll do great, she already did. Bat was all new to me but I ship him and Maia, they’re so cute even though they’re not together. Emma reminded me of Jace so much and I liked her a lot. I didn’t like Julian so much but I didn’t dislike him too, I just don’t have some opinion about him but I feel sorry for all the Blackthorns because they are kind of on their own now. I left Sebastian for the end. I like that guy! He’s a psychopath, he’s creepy and evil but I like him. He’s brilliant, awesome and so cruel. I like his character a lot. He just wanted to be loved for what he is and even though he did what he did, he just wanted approval. He searched for it on a wrong way, definitely, but I really liked him and I hated it when he was dying. I knew he had to die, it was obvious and I wanted it but it was still bad. What can I do? I love that psychopath, he’s the best villian ever! I loved to hate him. And my favourite quote is definitely his: “If I cannot reach Heaven, I will raise Hell.”

Cassandra Clare writes perfectly. I love her style, her sentences and her plot twists. She can always shock me. I don’t want to say goodbye to The Mortal Instruments series but I have to. It’s heartbreaking. I have the worst book hangover ever and I don’t know what to do with my life now… I’ll probably start The Infernal Devices soon. Even though I know I should’ve read them before I read City of Heavenly Fire, I got the connection pretty well because I use internet and there are a lot of spoiler for TID out there so I got it who is Brother Zachariah and Tessa and all that stuff. I love how Cassandra Clare manages to connect all her series and I can’t wait to read The Dark Artifices, series about Emma and Julian, but I have to wait until fall 2015 for that.

City of Heavenly Fire is a great conclusion to the series and it’s probably my favourite book in The Mortal Instruments series. It was a rollercoaster of feelings and I’m so glad it all ended up well. I really didn’t expect that and I’m so thankfull for this ending. TMI are definitely my favourite series of all time and I recommend it to everyone.


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