John Green – The Fault In Our Stars | Review

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.


I think everyone read this book before me and I actually knew the quotes from the book before I even started reading it. That never happened before. Despite all the spoilers I read, despite the fact that I knew how it was going to end, I enjoyed this book so much and I cried like never before. I rarely cry because of the book and even when I do, I mosly only get teary-eyed and really sad but this time there were tears all over my face, I wanted to scream and I was trying to calm down but I continued and the second I did calm down tears came again. Something like this never happened to me before and I doubt it it would repeat. That’s how great this book is.

I listened to this book as an audiobook and I never listened to the audiobook before. It was an amazing expirience to listen to it, the woman that read the book (I think her name is Kat but I’m not sure) was amazing. I love her voice, it was so calming and I really enjoyed listening to her. The way she changed her voice and accent was great and she made expiriencing this book so much better. I could feel emotions in her voice at the end and maybe that is the reason why I cried so much. I want to read the physical book too but I don’t know can I handle it. So many emotions! A lot of people said that they cried while reading this book but I never thought I will be one of those people. I was doubtful mostly because it seemed like a trend to cry because of TFIOS and if you don’t cry, you’re heartless so it’s better to say that you cried even if you didn’t. That’s why I was so surprised when I cried for the first time (I don’t even remember the part when first tear came) but last night was the worst. Last few chapters broke me totally and I don’t remember crying like that before. It was terrible but at the same time if felt so good (I know that sounds weird). It’s like that line from Harry Potter: “You’re going to suffer but you’re goint to be happy about it.”

I loved Hazel so much. She was not annoying even for a second and I totally connected with her. I felt everything she felt and I feel like I went through all of that with her. Do I even have to say how much I love Gus? Augustus Water is pure perfection. I love his every sentence, his every scene and even while he was dying he wanted to make Hazel’s dream come true. How can anyone not love him? It’s not fair he had to die. So not fair! But, the world is not a wish-granting factory. Isaac was such a good friend, I love the friendship between Gus and him. They way he handled the loss of his eyes and becoming blind… beautiful. I’m not going to talk about any other character because I feel like that would only ruin this review. neimenovano

I want to read An Imperial Affliction so badly. I wanted to read it since it was first mentioned and then I found out that this book doesn’t exist and I was so disappointed. Oh yeah, and Peter Van Houten is such a douchebag! But I liked him a tiny little bit at the ending. And his assistant, I have no idea what her name is, was great. I liked how she was terrified of Peter’s behaviour to Hazel and Gus.

I’m not going to analyze all the scenes because I love them all, book is really perfect and it affected me so much. It’s so REAL. John Mean (Green) really knows how to touch you. But what I hate is that he did us the same thing Peter did to Hazel. He left the ending open. We have no idea what happens to Hazel after the ending. Did she die or she lived? Did her mother became Patrick? What happened to Isaac? So many questions. I know he left that answers to our imagination but I really expected differently of him.

I have to say how much I love the writing style, the characters (*cough* Augustus Waters *cough*), quotes and pretty much everything about this book. It’s so beautiful and painful and amazing and perfect and sad and happy… However, this is not the book about cancer. It’s a book about love. I want to say a lot more about this book but words can’t describe how I feel right now. So many feels!

I recommend this book to everyone. Seriously, everyone. All the people on this planet should read this book. Everyone!
Okay will never be just a word again.

The Fault In Our Stars – Movie


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