Delirium Pilot | Book to Movie Adaptation


Even though I liked the pilot, I’m glad that this won’t become the tv show. First, why would you want to put the whole 300 paged book into one episode of the tv show that is only 45 minutes long? It can’t possibly turn out good and that is probably why most people hated the pilot. However, I think they did pretty good job and it could’ve been a really good tv show but they shouldn’t put the whole first book into pilot and it would turn out so much better. They left out a lot of a plot and it wasn’t convincing enough. I mean, I liked it because I read the book and I knew what is happening but for someone who haven’t read the book this may be really confusing and weird. It was a bit weird even for me. Lena and Alex talk only few times and they instantly fall in love and suddenly she trusts him even though two days ago she was so afraid of the ‘disease’ and was sure the cure is the best thing that can happen to her. Not convincing at all. In the book we see Lena’s character development, how she doesn’t believe Alex and how she is afraid and then later she starts to really trust him and everything. And there is so much missing! So many cute scenes, important scenes… I liked the pilot but it could’ve been so much better.  delirium_poster_by_lsmyang-d5yhz5h

Even the actors were pretty good. I love the cast! Probably the best thing they did about this tv show. Emma Roberts is not how I imagined Lena but she did a pretty good job and she was really good Lena at the end. Jeanine Mason was awesome. Yeah, Hana should’ve been blonde but I really don’t care. Jeanine was amazing and she was so Hana. Daren Kagasoff was Alex and I liked him. When I first saw the trailer I was disappointed but when I watched the pilot I realized how good he is. He is far from how I imagined Alex but he did good job and I liked Alex on the screen. I was a bit confused about who is Julian because I haven’t read the rest of the trilogy yet but I found out he appears in later book so that explains it, I guess. Gregg Sulkin did a good job and I liked his character a lot.

So, as I said, the pilot wasn’t perfect but I liked it. It had so much potential to be good but they screw it up. The good thing is that now I want to re-read Delirium (I started reading it) and then continue with the trilogy. Can’t wait.  At first I didn’t want to watch pilot because everyone said it’s bad and that they didn’t like it but I was curious and I had a bit of free time so why not. I’m not that disappointed but I am a little bit. It’s definitely not the worst book to movie adaptation I’ve seen but it’s not the best too. However, I do recommend it if you have 45 minutes to spend.

Lauren Oliver – Delirium (Delirium #1)
Lauren Oliver – Hana (Delirium #1.5)
Lauren Oliver – Pandemonium (Delirium #2)
Lauren Oliver – Requiem (Delirium #3)


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