Beautiful Creatures | Book to Movie Adaptation


When this movie started, I immediately knew I won’t like it. Even the first scene, introduction was so unlike the book and I was disappointed from the beggining and it got only worse. Why would you do such terrible movie? I loved the book so much and I really looked forward to watching the movie but it really sucked. They changed everything! It was very fast paced. Yeah, I know it’s a 2-hour movie and it has to be fast but they odd some very important and great scenes and added some new ones that were absolutely terrible. Nothing was explained and if I haven’t read the book I doubt it I would understand the movie. Also, Ethan’s and Lena’s romance was not convincing at all and it happened too fast. Another thing that really bothered me was that they changed the date of Lena’s birthday. It was supposed to be in February but the made it to be in December and I don’t get it why they had to do that. I guess they just had to change everything so it can be more frustrating for the people who read and love the book. The thing I did like was Macon’s house, it was so different from what I imagined but it was really awesome and beautiful. Really cool. Another thing I liked were scene effects, storms were amazing and so powerful, they did very good job with that. The Caster Library was also beautiful and very cool. The line were so unlike in the book but there were some pretty good ones, especially Ethan’s but I still like the book much more. This is just not it.

Other thing that really bothered me was casting. Actors were really terrible and so unlike the characters. Let’s start with Ethan. That guy was so disgusting, I was so disappointed. He was not Ethan from the book at all, he was annoying, awful and he also looks terrible (he reminded me on Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen and I wanted tu puke). I was very disappointed with the actor, he did nothing, NOTHING good in the whole movie. Terrible. Lena was okay, I can’t say I dislike her but it could’ve been much better. She was so Lena in the scene with Sarafine at the end but through the most of the movie she was not badass enough and it’s not the Lena I expected. But it was acceptable. Macon Ravenwood was perfect. That guy who played him was so Macon. He was powerful, badass and awesome. At least the did something good. I was very happy with that. I hated how they put Amma and Marian in one persone. Why? Amma didn’t exist in this movie. We saw Marian during the whole movie but her name was Amma. There was no book Amma at all and I really hated that. Probably one of the biggest disappointments. Also, Viola Davis was not Amma or Marian at all, didn’t like her. Another character that was actually good was Link even though there was no much of it in the movie, but that guy who played him was so Link. I’m glad because they didn’t ruin Link. Ridley was so badass and I that girl who played her did very good job. He was bitchy, she was cool and she was evil. Amazing!

The ending was the worst part of the movie. They changed it completely, it was so cheesy and very, very bad. The way Macon died was terrible, they portrayed everything like Lena was Light Caster now because Macon died whhich is so NOT true. Second, that part where Lena erases Ethan’s memory of her and everything, so terrible and very cheesy. It was obvious they won’t make the second movie so they did what they did but I was freaking out the whole time. But the thing I hated the most was that they made the whole movie a lot like Twilight and it was absolutely disgusting. Why would you want to ruin such an amazing book with the terrible movie. As much as I love the book I hate the movie. If I watched the movie first I would probably never read the book but I’m glad I read the book first. If you read the book I do not recommend this movie to you but if you haven’t read the book then I guess you can watch the movie, maybe you’ll even like it. I don’t know…

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1)
Kami Garcia & Margater Stohl – Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles #2)


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