Will Hill – Department Nineteen (Department 19 #1) | Review

Jamie Carpenter’s life will never be the same. His father is dead, his mother is missing, and he was just rescued by an enormous man named Frankenstein. Jamie is brought to Department 19, where he is pulled into a secret organization responsible for policing the supernatural, founded more than a century ago by Abraham Van Helsing and the other survivors of Dracula. Aided by Frankenstein’s monster, a beautiful vampire girl with her own agenda, and the members of the agency, Jamie must attempt to save his mother from a terrifyingly powerful vampire.
Department 19 takes us through history, across Europe, and beyond – from the cobbled streets of Victorian London to prohibition-era New York, from the icy wastes of Arctic Russia to the treacherous mountains of Transylvania. Part modern thriller, part classic horror, it’s packed with mystery, mayhem, and a level of suspense that makes a Darren Shan novel look like a romantic comedy.


I found this book randomly at the library and it sounded really interesting, like something I usually read. I expected it to be really good and the idea sounded cool but not very unique. Turned out there were some good unique parts but most of the book is not really original and it’s something I read already. This book reminded me of Harry Potter a bit, only with vampires. Also, the plot was not very interesting and I found the book really slow at the beginning, the only part that really kept my interest was the ending, the finaly ”battle” even though it was a bit too easy, I would say. Another thing I didn’t like was the romance. It was totally unneccesary and it was too fast. This book would be as good as it is now, probably even better, if there was no romance in it. Also, vampires again? And these are not special at all!

Jamie was annoying character and I didn’t really like him. He was a perfect example of a cranky teenager who wants his mommy back. He was cool when he was in battle and when he was determined to kill the vampires but really annoying when he was not. Larissa was okay, I even liked her, she was badass, but I think she was in this book only as Jamie’s love interest. I have mixed feelings about Frankenstein. I liked him at the beginning, didn’t like him in the middle and then liked him again at the end. I didn’t like how he was bossy to Jamie but now when I think about it, maybe that was neccerasy. I thinks Matt will play some important role in future books because now he was in the background, lying in coma through the whole book but I think he will be important character in next books. Also, Kate may become more important too. I liked her! My favourite character in the book is definitely Terry, somehow it turned out I like him the most of all the characters.

The ending was expectable and pretty obvious to me. SPOILER ALERT! Of course Jamie killed Alexandru and saved his mother. Also, it was obvious that Julian didn’t betray Department 19 and that someone else did. I acctually expected it to be either Frankenstein or Morrow and I was right. The thing I didn’t see coming was Jamie’s mother turning to a vampire but it made sense because it couldn’t end perfectly, right? Another shock was when Frankenstein died but I susspect he will come back in next books. And of course they raised Dracula from the dead. Now that Alexandru is dead, we need a new bad guy, right?

I liked the writting style but at moments it was a bit too much. I sometimes got bored reading all these unneccesary descriptions but all in all it was okay. Will Hill writes good but I think he should work more one the plot. As I said, it’s not really unique but it was quite interesting. It took me few days to read this book because it was slow at the beginning. I know it has to be slow because it was the first book in the fantasy series so it’s basicly building up the whole world but I got really bored at parts. Also, I didn’t really like all these throwbacks when we went to the past and followed Jamies ancestors. What I liked was all these weapons and ways of defence against vampires. I especially liked UV granades! See, author can be original at times! I never heard for using UV light against vampires before, it’s so cool! All in all, this is a good book but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Sometimes it was just too much details and not enough real plot. But I do plan to continue with the series and maybe the second book is better than the first one.


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