The Fault In Our Stars | Book to Movie Adaptation


I absolutely loved this movie. It was just amazing. I finally watched it and now I want to reread the book and watch the movie again and then read the book and watch the movie and do it all over again. Perfection. I never thought I would cry more while watching the movie than I did when I read the book because I cried A LOT while reading a book but last night, when I watched a movie, I was crying like I never cried in my life over something fiction. I divide this movie (and the book) into two parts – first part, when I can’t take smile of my face because everything is perfect and cute and it just makes me so happy, and the second part, when I cry and I can’t help it, the part when I’m so sad and I just can’t handle it, and even though I know what’s going to happen, I can’t stop crying because that makes it even worse. I guess it was a good decision to watch this movie alone, because if someone saw me, they would think I’m insane, crying so much over some movie. But it’s not JUST a movie, and it’s not JUST a book. I got really attached to these characters, to the plot, to the whole story and it definitely deserved all the hype it gets.

I have to say how great the cast was. Shailene Woodley was perfect Hazel, I liked her a lot. She did awesome job, she’s a great actress and she made everything so convincing. I’m so happy with this choice. However, I have mixed feelings about Ansel Elgort who was playing Gus. But I decided that I like him, too. I absolutely love Gus and Ansel did a really good job but my problem was his face. He was not MY Gus, he was not how I imagined Gus would look like. But, I got over that because I like Gus so much and Ansel was good Gus. No one would be a good Gus for me, because I wanted perfection, I wanted him to look just how I imagined, but that’s impossible, of course, so I don’t really care and I’ll say that Ansel was good Gus after all. I liked Isaac a lot, he was so how I imagined him to be. Nat Wolff did great and I really liked movie Isaac. I’m very happy with that choice. I also liked Willem Dafoe as Peter Van Houten, he was perfect. Even though he wasn’t anything how I imagined Van Houten, he was great and I really like the choice. Also, Lidewij was really good choice, Lotte Verbeek was amazing (and really beautiful!). One thing that really shocked me was that John Green was in the movie, too. I literally sat there, in front of tv with my mouth open for few seconds, amazed. That was so cool! He was Jackie’s dad, totally unimportant character, but he was there and I loved that. I was more surprised by the fact that I didn’t know that already, because how popular this movie is and everyone watched it already, actually. John Green appearing in a movie based on his book just made me so happy, and I can’t even explain it.

Even though there were things slightly different from the book, the movie was pretty much like the book and I liked that a lot. Whenever there was some part that was different from the book, I whispered: ”This wasn’t in the book, but I don’t really care, because it’s still good.” Every time. Because I really didn’t care. What I probably liked the most in the movie were the quotes from the book. A lot of them. All the popular ones were there and it made me so happy. There were a lot of lines that were exactly the same like in the book, and a lot of them that were changed a bit but it was all very good. I’m so glad that they did this movie right because I’m not sure I would be able to handle it if they screw this movie up. Thankfully, they didn’t. As I already said, I loved the movie but I have to talk about some of my favourite scenes for a bit. The whole movie is actually my favourite scene, but I picked few (few, she said!) that really got to me. First, I loved all cute Hazel-Gus scenes, just to be clear. I really liked the scene where Isaac is destroying all Gus’ trophys and Gus is talking to the Hazel during that, it was so funny. If you watched the movie, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Also, one of my favourite scenes is the one when Gus, Hazel and Isaac throw eggs at Monica’s car, that was super awesome! Also, I loved the scene when Hazel and Gus meet Peter Van Houten and when he’s jerk (dauchepants) to them, it was really funny to watch that, and also – swedish rap! I liked all Amsterdam scenes, even the one when Gus says Hazel that he’s dying. The scene in the Oranjee, with waiter talking about champaign was so great, loved it! Now to the crying scenes. I was teary eyed since the scene when Gus tells Hazel that he’s dying but I really started to cry on the scene It all depends… I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Since that scene I didn’t stop crying. Another scene that made me cry even more that I cried already was pre-funeral and Hazel’s and Isaac’s speeches. They were beautiful and perfect. Damn, the whole movie (and the book) was beautiful and perfect! Yeah, I should stop now. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone, it’s amazing and I know I’m going to watch it dozens of times in the future. 

P. S. Okay.

John Green – The Fault In Our Stars


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