Brandon Sanderson – Steelheart (Reckoners #1) | Review

Ten years ago, Calamity came. It was a burst in the sky that gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. The awed public started calling them Epics. But Epics are no friend of man. With incredible gifts came the desire to rule. And to rule man you must crush his wills.
Nobody fights the Epics…nobody but the Reckoners. A shadowy group of ordinary humans, they spend their lives studying Epics, finding their weaknesses, and then assassinating them.
And David wants in. He wants Steelheart – the Epic who is said to be invincible. The Epic who killed David’s father. For years, like the Reckoners, David’s been studying, and planning – and he has something they need. Not an object, but an experience.
He’s seen Steelheart bleed. And he wants revenge.

★★★★★ 17182126

This book. OMG. I expected it to be good, but it was so much more than I thought it would be. So good! I decided to borrow it from the library mostly because of the cover (it’s absolutely beauftiful) but when I read the synopsis I wanted to read it even more. This book was intense, action-packed and just awesome. The action started at the very beginning of the book and it lasted until the end, something was always happening and I found myself unable to stop reading once I started. There were a lot of funny parts as well, I found myself really liking all the characters (yeah, all of them, good and bad guys equaly). While reading this book I had a feeling like I was watching some really awesome action movie and I think that this book would make a great movie if they do it right. Writing style is amazing. There was no even a single boring scene in the whole book, it’s really easy to read but the sentences are powerful and they make you think. I especially loved how Brandon Sanderson always knows when to finish a chapter and how to make an awesome last sentence that leaves you with mouth wide opened (that happened to me). The last two sentenced of the prologue were my favourite, but then I read the very last sentence of the whole book and I was done. THis book is mind-blowing, awesome, and just perfect. All the twists at the end were so amazingly put together and they made perefect sense. All the clues we got during the whole book came together very well at the end and there were no unanswered questions left, but there is definitely space for the next book. Which reminds me, I can’t wait for the second book, Firefight, to come out in January 2015. It’s coming out two days after my birthday! All in all, this book was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely recommend!

SPOILER PART – if you haven’t read the book yet, I recommend not to read any further, go and read the book and then come back.

This book was full of action, from the beginning. Even from prologue. I loved the prologue because I think it was a perfect way to introduce the readers to the situation and how it all began. I absolutely loved the last two sentences of the prologue, how they left us with excitement and I know I had to contiune reading. I saw Steelheart bleed. And I’m going to see him bleed again. Just wow.  Then we got another amount of action in the first chapter and again the last sentence got me. I just loved the last sentences in this book! My favourite non-action scene in the book was the explanation of nerd, to be more precise, why David was annoyed when Megan called him a nerd. I was just stunned. Wow. It was perfect. One of my favourite scenes in the book was the one when David, Abraham and Megan went to buy weapons. I just loved that scene, how David saved the day with his improvisation. Also, I really liked the final battle, the scene where David realizes that Steelheart’s weakness is that only people who are not afraid of him can kill him. And even then, I had no idea how is he going to kill him, but when Steelheart pulled the trigger and killed himself accidently, I was mindblown. It was epic! Also, I really liked the epilogue, especially that last paragraph, when David said that he fights for his father’s dreams. So good! I loved the whole book, every scene was good and very well done and I can’t really pick my favourite but I tried to choose ones that really left a lot of impact on me. What I can say for sure, however, is that there were no scenes in this book that I didn’t like. This book is pure epicness and awesomeness!

There were a lot of unexpected twists in this book but I’m really proud on myself because I managed to figure out one of the twists and I don’t think it was very obvious. Or maybe it was? I don’t know. Yeah, I figured out that Megan is an Epic but later I thought about the possibility that she is Firefight and I was right! That never happened to me before. But there were also some twists that I didn’t expect at all. I really tried to figure out what is Steelheart’s weakness but all my theories were wrong. However, his weakness was awesome and it made mo much sense. Also, I tried to figure out what is Prof secret and it occured to me that he may be an Epic but I gave up on that thought pretty quickly which was obviously a mistake because I was right again. I guess I just suspect everyone to be Epics. I never believed when someone died, either. I always expected them to be alive at the end and I was right with that as well. I was really nailing the mysteries in this book! And it wasn’t obvious, I think. Right?

I liked all the characters in this book. Some more, some less, but I loved all of them. I really liked David. He was funny, I love his metaphores, these always make me laugh. His improvisations were stupid but effective and I really enjoyed reading the book from his POV. Very good protagonist. I also really liked Megan at the beginning, she was badass, independent and kind of bitchy but me liking her kind of disappeared by the end of the book and I have no idea why. It was not the fact that she was an Epic, it was something else that bothered me with her, but I still have no idea what it was. I liked Tia a lot. She was brains of the team and even though she didn’t go and fight, Reckoners wouldn’t work that well if it weren’t for her. Loved her character! I really liked Cody, he was so funny and I liked how he made the good atmoshpere around Reckoners. Also, his blabbering about Scotland or whatever he’s from was hilarious. I really liked Abraham as well, poor guy was injured the most of them all, all the time. I liked that he’s a believer and I’d like to know more about him. I liked Prof at the beginning, a lot. He was badass and I kind of respected him, but as close to the end we got, I started disliking him because of his mood swings. Yeah, later we found out that it was because he used his powers and they made him ‘cranky’, but whatever. I even liked Steelheart. Okay, like is maybe too strong word, but I could understand him in some way. Especally when we found out what is his weakness, his behaviour made so much more sense. However, I’m really glad he’s dead.

I loved the idea of superheroes turned to villians, and especially the idea that every one of them had a weakness characteristic only to them. So good! The whole post-apocalyptic, steel setting was so cool and unique, it made awesome atmosphere. The technology was also very well explained, which I really liked, my favourite piece of technology were tensors and harmsway. SO useful, I wish I had one of those. Another thing I really enjoyed were these detailed descriptions of guns and weapons. I really loved reading about it. I love weapons and I love learning more about it, and in this book, we were introduced to variety of them. Again, mindblowing.


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