2015 | Resolutions and Challenges

ccc0001cc6a0b0ae_Love_Sex-2015ReadingChallengeAs you probably get from the title, I’m going to set a few challenges for myself and I hope to complete them in 2015. I also have some resolutions (which are hind of challenges as well) and I’d like to share all of this with you.

2015 Resolutions:

1. Read at least 75 books (this is also my Goodreads challenge, so it’s not some huge resolution).
2. Save more money to buy more books. I’d like to buy 50 new books in the next year.
3. Try to read as many of the books from my shelf as possible. I really need to decrease my TBR.
4. READ.


1. I’ll try to complete a 2015 Reading Challenge that I randomly found on the internet (photo with all the challenges is on the right). It just sounds like a lot of fun.
2. I made a new TBR jar where I put 12 challenges and each month I’ll pick out one challenge and complete it during that month. I got the idea for this from Kat (Katytastic on YouTube).
3. I already mentioned my Goodreads challenge where I want to finish at least 75 books in the year of 2015.
4. I also decided that I should read on different ways so I challenge myself to read at least 7 ebooks, listen to at least 5 audiobooks, read at least 20 books which I own and at least 15 library books. Of course, I’ll probably read more than that, but this is just a little push to make it more interesting.
5. Lastly, I think it’s important to read in different languages so I challenge myself to read at least 10 books in English this year (I usually read books that are translated in Croatian) and also 1 book in Spanish. This one book in Spanish is a huge challenge for me because I never studied Spanish and I barely know anything (I can only understand when people are talking in Spanish, but nothing more tnat that), but there is this one book I’ve been really wanting to read, and unfortunately, it’s originally written in Spanish and it’s not translated in either English or Croatian. So that is probably the toughest challenge I’ll try to complete.

Wish me luck with all those challenges and resolutions. I hope I’ll be able to complete all of them. Do you have any challenges for the upcoming year? Are you going to join me and try to complete some of my challenges? If so, good luck! I wish you all a Happy New Year!


One thought on “2015 | Resolutions and Challenges

  1. Those are a lot of resolutions!
    Good Luck to you!
    Can I take that pic on my blog? I’ll surely mention your reference!
    I’d like to challenge myself similar to what it on that long list…It seems great!

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