C. J. Lyons – Lifelines (Angels of Mercy #1) | Review

A gripping behind-the-scenes drama of four women who face life and death every day
On her first day at Pittsburgh’s Angels of Mercy Medical Center, L.A.-transplant Lydia Fiore, the new ER attending physician, loses a patient: the Chief of Surgery’s son. Now, to save her career, Lydia must discover the truth behind her patient’s death, even as it leads her into unfamiliar-and risky-territory.
At least she’s not alone. There’s med student Amanda, a sweet Southern belle with problems of her own; Gina, a resident with a chip on her shoulder; and Nora, the no-nonsense charge nurse with a cool head but a fiery temper. Not to mention the paramedic who’d like to try out his bedside manner on Lydia.

★★★★★ 2766206

My mom bought this book last fall and I was eyeing this book since then. In January, I put this book on my TBR, and now I’ve finally read it. I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t like it, sicne it’s out of my confort zone and I don’t usually read books in this genre, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this book so much and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

The premise of this book didn’t sound super interesting to me when I first read the summary and I started reading this book only because of the romance. However, the plot ended up being very interesting ang gripping. I couldn’t put the book down and I just needed to know what happens. Last 50-100 pages of this book were super intense and I barely breathed while reading. The entire book is action-packed and thrilling, and every single chapter ends on a cliffhanger so you just have to continue reading. Plot is set over the course of 5 days, but so many stuff happened. Also, I liked different POVs we got. The main focus was on Lydia, of course, but we got to see Amanda’s, Nora’s and Gina’s POV as well and I liked all the glimpses into their lives and their feelings. Another this I really like is the idea that every book in this four-book series follows one of the girls, and other three are just side charcters. I just find that to be a super cool concept. When it comes to the mystery part, I was not able to guess who is the ”bad guy”, but I loved the way everything unraveled. Also, I think I liked the part after we found out who the ”bad guy” is even more.

Characters in this book are very interesting and very well done. Every single one of them has their own demons and their own story, and their stories all intertwine and make a beautiful background of this book.
Lydia is a very interesting character. She’s been through so much, but she turned out to be very badass and awesome. I liked her so much and her character sounded very believable. She is an awesome doctor, she did solve the mystery and all of those expected stuff, but she was real. She has her demons and she doesn’t always fight them, but she has definitely become one of my role-models. Her relationship with Trey… I don’t know. At first it was very cheesy and kind of discusting, but later I ended up shipping them so hard. The romance in the second part of the book is much deeper and I got to see the connection between Trey and Lydia a lot better. I liked how Trey was the only one who knew what Lydia needed. So, I ship it. Trey as a character is awesome as well, I liked him from the beginning, but I wish we got to meet him a little bit better. However, I really liked his family. Those people are just awesome.
Character which I think I’m supposed to like, but I don’t is Gina. I just couldn’t connect to her. I tried to understand her, I tried to root for her, but I just couldn’t make myself care about her. I did like Nora a lot, especially at the end of the book when she became strong and independent. I’m glad she got over the bad thing that happened to her. Amanda is probably my favourite character, after Lydia. I don’t know exactly why, but I really like that girl. Also, I hope there will be some romance between her and this doctor whose name I can’t remember at the moment. They would be a cute couple and I ship them.

I have no idea what else to say about this book. I love it so much and I can’t wait to read the sequel. Hopefully, that will happen this summer. It needs to happen. Also, I recommend this book!


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