Booktube-a-thon 2015 | Wrap-up


I still can’t believe that Booktube-a-thon is over and that I survived it again. Oh my God, this week was fun! I read more than ever in one week, I finished 7 books! I read whenever I could and it was really amazing. It helped that I’m currenty on a vacation and have no internet most of the time, so I have pretty much nothing to do, except reading. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch all YouTube videos of all the booktubers, but I believe it was a lot of fun like last year. However, I plan to catch up with that once I come home. I also have to say again how much I admire Ariel (go check her channel) for making this all happen. She did an amazing job with all the challenges, giveaways, discounts and twitter sprints. You’re absolutely amazing!
Now for what I read during Booktube-a-thon… 5MJCU12s

DAY 1 (327): I started and finished The Girl on the Train by reading all 327 pages of it. It was for the challenge a book you really want to read.

DAY 2 (244): I started and finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower by reading all 203 pages of it. I also started Death in the Clouds and read 41 pages of it.

DAY 3 (250): I finished Death in the Clouds by reading the rest of 210 pages (I completed two more challenges: someone’s favourite book and a book you last obtained) and I started Water for Elephants, from which I read 40 pages.

DAY 4 (210): I read only 210 pages of Water for Elephants.

DAY 5 (200): I finished Water for Elephants by reading the rest of 82 pages. Challenge completed is author whose last name starts with the same letter as yours. I also started Paranormalcy and read 118 pages of it.

DAY 6 (300): I finished Paranormalcy by reading the rest of 136 pages and I started Easy and read 164 pages of it.

DAY 7 (320): I finished Easy by reading the last 119 pages of it. That way I completed a challenge to read a book with blue on the cover. Also, I started and finished Clarity by reading all 201 pages of it. I didn’t let go of it the entire time while I was reading it so that completes another challenge. It was also my 7th book so I completed the last challenge as well, which was to read 7 books.

That all makes my total 1851 pages, which is 130 pages less than last year but this year I managed to complete all the challenges, and last year I didn’t, so I’m happy with how I did this year. My average per day is 264 pages, which is very good for me. I’m proud of myself. How did you do in this read-a-thon? Which books have you read? Did you manage to complete all the challenges? Tell me in the comments!

P.S: Reviews on all of these books are coming soon.


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