iZombie | TV Show Discussion

These past couple of days I got completely obsessed with this tv show so I though I’d share with you my thought on it.

There is only one season out for now, and second season airs October 6th. It’s only 13 episodes long, and since it’s so addictive, I watched the entire season in a bit more than a week. If you haven’t fully cought up with this show and if you plan to watch it, I suggest not reading this discussion, since there will be some spoilers. So I recommend you go watch the show, and then come back. Seriously, it’s an awesome show.

I don’t even know where to start. I love the whole premise and the idea behind this show, and since it’s on CW, I knew it was going to be good. I love how each episode is about different murder, but we also get to see some side plot, like Liv’s life and the whole zombie-problems. The strongest aspect of this show is definitely the humor. I laughed so much while watching these 13 episodes and it was overall just so entertaining and I had a great time. However, there were quite a few heartbraking scenes which I did not like and would be a lot happier if these didn’t happen. I’m mostly talking about Lowell’s death now. I was in denial for the entire episode, I was so sure you can’t kill a zombie by shooting him with a gun, but apparently, you can. I was waiting for him go miracolously get back among the living (or at least half-living). But I guess he was too hot and too cool to stay alive. Now I started rambling, so I’ll stop.
I also really like this new take on zombies and how they look and live. I love the zombie look a lot, it’s so cool and unique, but what I like even more is the way zombies eat. When it comes to Liv, it’s pretty simple, since she works at the morg, but she sometimes manages to impress me as well (especially when she made a freaking smoothie out of brains and chocolate). However, I love the way other zombies fed a lot more. Blaine made a whole business out of it. That just blows my mind.

Now, let’s talk characters and actors.
Rose McIver is one damn good actor. I pretty much every episode she is another person, and she nailed all of these personalities. She needs to get some award for that. I also love Liv a ton, she’s one very badass zombie.
I don’t have any special opinion on Clive, but I guess I do like him. However, I know that I love his relationship with Liv. They’re just awsome when they work together. Also, Malcolm Goodwin’s faces when Liv’s lunck is kicking in (if you know what I mean) are priceless.
I hate Major. It didn’t click with me and him at the beginning and no matter how hard I try to like him, I just can’t. He’s a stupid idiot who wants to be a hero, but epicly fails at it. I don’t even know what does Liv sees in him. I do not ship them at all.
However, I do ship Liv with Lowell. A lot. They’re a perfect couple and I am so not over the fact that writers killed Lowell. Nope. He’s my favourite character, and also the hottest guy on the show (I do have eyes, you know…). It broke my heart every time went too break up with him. Thankfully, it all worked out. Except for that one time when he died. Damn, I started rambling again.
Aside from the fact he killed Lowell, I really like Blaine. He’s so cool and badass. And he’s really good at being a zombie.
Ravi is one of my favourite characters in the show. He’s so funny and a great friend to Liv. Also, I love his accent. And I ship him and Peyton.

If I have to pick my favourite episode, I’d choose the one when this cheerleader died so Liv ate her brain and basically became this typical teenage girly girl. It was so fun to watch, and when she ate a brain of that stoned guy in the same episode, it got even better. High Liv is hillarious.
It kind of shocked me that this many people died in the season’s finale, but I’m actually fine with that. What I’m not fine with is Major becoming a zombie. I want that guy to die!

I also just remember that I have to mention how much I love the theme song. I play it on repeat constantly and I sing it all the time. I reminds me a bit of Misfits theme song, but I love that song too, so that’s a good thing. Definitely listen to the whole thing, it’s awesome.

To sum it all up, I love this show, it’s one of my favourites and I can’t wait for October to continue where I left off. If you read all of these random thoughts I just put here, congradulations. I know it’s random and all over the place, but my thoughts are too. I have a huge show-hangover. I can’t stop thinking about this show! Guess now I have to find something equaly amazing to¬†watch. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. Also, if you watch/ed this show, share your thoughts on it with me in the comments as well.