What You’ve Done (In Ruins #2) (Harry Potter) | FanFiction

You can read What You’ve Done on Wattpad.675620-256-k790159

After reading In Ruins I was in really terrible mood because of the ending what you can find out on my review on In Ruins. When I found out that there is sequel to In Ruins with the title What You’ve Done, I had to read it, immediately. The title made me think that Drake and Mione are going to be together in this sequel and it happened. I was so happy. I know this was a spoiler but I don’t care. I’m happy!

I really enjoyed while reading but I have to admit that I love In Ruins a bit more. Even though What You’ve Done is written better and it’s better quality and it’s also a lot more original, In Ruins is my favourite. Why? Because in In Ruins the romance between Draco and Hermione was at the middle of the plot and I liked it so much but in What You’ve Done we have a lot of Seth and Serena, their children, because there is a paralel plot. Half of the book is about Drake and Mione getting back together and the other half is about their kids at Hogwarts. I liked the Serena’s and Seth’s POVs, it was really original and interesting to read but I wanted more Dramione moments. However, the Dramione moments we did get were adorable. Fangirling!

I admire IWearSneackers for making such wonderful fanfiction. She writes beautifully and I love her magical sentences. I want more Dramione! I love them so much and I’m really glad that they ended up together. They deserved it!

“Every touch sent me spiralling out of control as I fell deeper and deeper into the web that he had woven to trap me; and I, the innocent spider, had walked straight into it and found myself trapped in his web once more.”


In Ruins (Harry Potter) | FanFiction

You can read In Ruins on Wattpad. 489899-256-k754548

In Ruins is the first fanfiction that I ever finished. I don’t like fanfictions very much because most of them are not very well written and the plot is boring in the most of the cases but this one was so different. When I read summary and saw the cover, I knew I had to read it and I didn’t regeret (kind of, but more about that later).

This is Dramione fanfiction and they are one of my favourite ships so that is why I love this fanfiction even more. Idea is very original, the plot is intense and I could’ve never guess what is going to happen. I freaked out over In Ruins more than over some of my favourite books and I also wanted to cry at some parts. In Ruins is also very well written and I really like the author’s style, and our dear author’s name on Wattpad is IWearSneackers. I was so fangirling at the cute Dramione parts, they are amazing together and I love those two so much!

I have to say how much I hate the ending. How could she (the author) do that to me?  SPOILER ALERT! How could she write the ending where Drake and Mione are not together?! I wanted to throw the book into the wall but it was on my tablet and I couldn’t afford that to myself so I just suffered in silence. I finished reading this about 10 minutes ago so I’m still full of emotions and I want to cry. It’s not fair! They should be together! Why aren’t they?! Why?!?

It’s definitely the best fanfiction I’ve ever read but it’s also very frustrating. Go read it if you ship Dramione but prepare tissues. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.