I Am Number Four | Book to Movie Adaptation

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Since I read the book I Am Number Four few weeks ago, I really wanted to watch the movie as well, but I was kind of delaying it. I haven’t heard many good things about the movie, but I did hear some bad stuff. People who liked the book didn’t like the movie at all and I was afraid of disappointment. It turned out that I have some mixed feelings about this movie. I did enjoy it, a lot, but I kept comparing it to the book the whole time and in that aspect it was a bit disappointing. BUT I did like it and I think it’s a good movie, but since I’m a fan of the book(s), I couldn’t completely love it. I just suck at sepating my mind from the book when I watch the movie.
After I finished the first book, I wanted to watch the movie, but I decided not to watch it until I finish the second book as well. It turned out to be a very good decision. Why? Because there were a lot of spoilers for the second book in this movie and it would totally ruin the reading experience for me if I’ve watched this movie before. Yes, that did annoy me, but I can’t say I was surprised by it. Movie directors often do that if they make book to movie adaptation that is a series. I don’t know why, but they just do.

Now to the good stuff. First, I loved the cast. Alex Pettyfer was amazing John. Okay, I imagined John exactly like Alex but that was because I had a movie cover on my copy of the book. Still, I think he did an awesome job (and he’s super hot as well!). Dianna Agron as Sarah. I don’t know. I mean, she did pretty good job, that’s for sure, but I just hate Sarah as a character so that is probably why I didn’t like Dianna as well. Still, she was good Sarah. Callan McAuliffe was perfect Sam. I love Sam and I really liked him in the movie as well. The only thing I was disappointed about was that he didn’t have glasses. These glasses Sam wore in the book were important! But everything else was good. Also, Callan was not how I imagined Sam (I imagined it pretty much like Robert Sheehan in The Mortal Instruments), but he totally changed my view on that. Six. She was so badass and Teresa Palmer did a fantastic job there. I was so pleasantly surprised. Yeah, Six should’ve have raven hair, but I realized that didn’t bother me at all since she was totally amazing anyway. I liked Henri as well, not how I imagined him, but still awesome.

I have to mention awesome special effects throughout the whole movie. It was a bit too much at times, but all in all I liked it. My favourite scene was probably Six’ entering scene when she was walking out of exploding house and Rolling in the Deep was playing in the background. So awesome! Also, the rest of Six’ scenes were fantastic. She’s fantastic. Another thing I liked were Mogadorians. They looked so cool and so not how I imagined them, but much better. I was so pleasantly surprised with how they made them. Also, they were funny! I forgot to mention how much I love the music in this movie. I usually don’t pay attention to music in movies, but here I found it really good and it fits the plot perfectly. Oh, another detail that I loved. Blue truck. I was just amazed that Sam’s (his dad’s) truck was actually blue! Just like in the book! I know, it’s really irrelevant, but I found it really cool.

This is the part where I rant about all the things that I didn’t like and stuff why this movie got 7 stars and not 10. First, it was too rushed. A lot of stuff weren’t explained properly (Legacies, Lorien, Mogadorians…) and I think I’d be really confused if I hadn’t read the books first. Legacies were totally messed up and I just didn’t like the way they just put them out there all at once without proper expalanation. It seemed like they can do anything they want and that they have all these superpowers without a special reason. So not good. So not like in the book. Also, the Chest was so different fron how I imagined it. It was too small, that first. Like, there are a lot of stuff in it and it wouldn’t possibly fit in that small box. Also, Bernie Kosar was just out there, not explained at all. He was also portrayed as some kind of a superdog, there only to protect John when needed. Another thing – if I hadn’t read the book, I probably wouldn’t understand why Mogadorians want to kill John and the rest of them, or at least, I wouldn’t understand why that war between them even started, like why did John even come to Earth in the first place. Not enough explanation! As I said, it was too rushed, things were happening too fast and a lot of important scenes were shorten to minimum. Yeah, and what about Mark? He just changed his opinion about John without a reason? I know he didn’t (even though that was overnight thing in the book as well) but here it seemed like exactly that happened. Way too rushed. Also, I hated the romance between John and Sarah in the movie even more than I did in the book. Very insta-love. Even more than in the book, but since this is the movie, I’m kind of able to forgive them that. Henri died to fast and too suddenly, hated that. Also, I found myself thinking of him as a negative character while watching the movie, and he definitely wan’t a negative character in the book. Not at all!
I have a feeling that the thing that bothered me the most in the whole movie (apart from not being exactly like the book, which is always an issue with book to movie adaptations) was the fact that they put some scenes from the second book in the movie, but they odded some important ones from the first book just so they don’t finish the movie on a cliffhanger. That is so irritating! You can’t do that. Just can’t.

I know that now it seems like I hated this movie but it’s not true. I did enjoy it a lot, but I just can’t not mention all these things that bothered me. I’m glad that I watched it, it wasn’t a total disappointment (like Beautiful Creatures), but I did expect more of it, especially because the trailer looked very promising.

Pittacus Lore – I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1)
Pittacus Lore – The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies #2)


The Fault In Our Stars | Book to Movie Adaptation


I absolutely loved this movie. It was just amazing. I finally watched it and now I want to reread the book and watch the movie again and then read the book and watch the movie and do it all over again. Perfection. I never thought I would cry more while watching the movie than I did when I read the book because I cried A LOT while reading a book but last night, when I watched a movie, I was crying like I never cried in my life over something fiction. I divide this movie (and the book) into two parts – first part, when I can’t take smile of my face because everything is perfect and cute and it just makes me so happy, and the second part, when I cry and I can’t help it, the part when I’m so sad and I just can’t handle it, and even though I know what’s going to happen, I can’t stop crying because that makes it even worse. I guess it was a good decision to watch this movie alone, because if someone saw me, they would think I’m insane, crying so much over some movie. But it’s not JUST a movie, and it’s not JUST a book. I got really attached to these characters, to the plot, to the whole story and it definitely deserved all the hype it gets.

I have to say how great the cast was. Shailene Woodley was perfect Hazel, I liked her a lot. She did awesome job, she’s a great actress and she made everything so convincing. I’m so happy with this choice. However, I have mixed feelings about Ansel Elgort who was playing Gus. But I decided that I like him, too. I absolutely love Gus and Ansel did a really good job but my problem was his face. He was not MY Gus, he was not how I imagined Gus would look like. But, I got over that because I like Gus so much and Ansel was good Gus. No one would be a good Gus for me, because I wanted perfection, I wanted him to look just how I imagined, but that’s impossible, of course, so I don’t really care and I’ll say that Ansel was good Gus after all. I liked Isaac a lot, he was so how I imagined him to be. Nat Wolff did great and I really liked movie Isaac. I’m very happy with that choice. I also liked Willem Dafoe as Peter Van Houten, he was perfect. Even though he wasn’t anything how I imagined Van Houten, he was great and I really like the choice. Also, Lidewij was really good choice, Lotte Verbeek was amazing (and really beautiful!). One thing that really shocked me was that John Green was in the movie, too. I literally sat there, in front of tv with my mouth open for few seconds, amazed. That was so cool! He was Jackie’s dad, totally unimportant character, but he was there and I loved that. I was more surprised by the fact that I didn’t know that already, because how popular this movie is and everyone watched it already, actually. John Green appearing in a movie based on his book just made me so happy, and I can’t even explain it.

Even though there were things slightly different from the book, the movie was pretty much like the book and I liked that a lot. Whenever there was some part that was different from the book, I whispered: ”This wasn’t in the book, but I don’t really care, because it’s still good.” Every time. Because I really didn’t care. What I probably liked the most in the movie were the quotes from the book. A lot of them. All the popular ones were there and it made me so happy. There were a lot of lines that were exactly the same like in the book, and a lot of them that were changed a bit but it was all very good. I’m so glad that they did this movie right because I’m not sure I would be able to handle it if they screw this movie up. Thankfully, they didn’t. As I already said, I loved the movie but I have to talk about some of my favourite scenes for a bit. The whole movie is actually my favourite scene, but I picked few (few, she said!) that really got to me. First, I loved all cute Hazel-Gus scenes, just to be clear. I really liked the scene where Isaac is destroying all Gus’ trophys and Gus is talking to the Hazel during that, it was so funny. If you watched the movie, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Also, one of my favourite scenes is the one when Gus, Hazel and Isaac throw eggs at Monica’s car, that was super awesome! Also, I loved the scene when Hazel and Gus meet Peter Van Houten and when he’s jerk (dauchepants) to them, it was really funny to watch that, and also – swedish rap! I liked all Amsterdam scenes, even the one when Gus says Hazel that he’s dying. The scene in the Oranjee, with waiter talking about champaign was so great, loved it! Now to the crying scenes. I was teary eyed since the scene when Gus tells Hazel that he’s dying but I really started to cry on the scene It all depends… I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Since that scene I didn’t stop crying. Another scene that made me cry even more that I cried already was pre-funeral and Hazel’s and Isaac’s speeches. They were beautiful and perfect. Damn, the whole movie (and the book) was beautiful and perfect! Yeah, I should stop now. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone, it’s amazing and I know I’m going to watch it dozens of times in the future. 

P. S. Okay.

John Green – The Fault In Our Stars

Beautiful Creatures | Book to Movie Adaptation


When this movie started, I immediately knew I won’t like it. Even the first scene, introduction was so unlike the book and I was disappointed from the beggining and it got only worse. Why would you do such terrible movie? I loved the book so much and I really looked forward to watching the movie but it really sucked. They changed everything! It was very fast paced. Yeah, I know it’s a 2-hour movie and it has to be fast but they odd some very important and great scenes and added some new ones that were absolutely terrible. Nothing was explained and if I haven’t read the book I doubt it I would understand the movie. Also, Ethan’s and Lena’s romance was not convincing at all and it happened too fast. Another thing that really bothered me was that they changed the date of Lena’s birthday. It was supposed to be in February but the made it to be in December and I don’t get it why they had to do that. I guess they just had to change everything so it can be more frustrating for the people who read and love the book. The thing I did like was Macon’s house, it was so different from what I imagined but it was really awesome and beautiful. Really cool. Another thing I liked were scene effects, storms were amazing and so powerful, they did very good job with that. The Caster Library was also beautiful and very cool. The line were so unlike in the book but there were some pretty good ones, especially Ethan’s but I still like the book much more. This is just not it.

Other thing that really bothered me was casting. Actors were really terrible and so unlike the characters. Let’s start with Ethan. That guy was so disgusting, I was so disappointed. He was not Ethan from the book at all, he was annoying, awful and he also looks terrible (he reminded me on Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen and I wanted tu puke). I was very disappointed with the actor, he did nothing, NOTHING good in the whole movie. Terrible. Lena was okay, I can’t say I dislike her but it could’ve been much better. She was so Lena in the scene with Sarafine at the end but through the most of the movie she was not badass enough and it’s not the Lena I expected. But it was acceptable. Macon Ravenwood was perfect. That guy who played him was so Macon. He was powerful, badass and awesome. At least the did something good. I was very happy with that. I hated how they put Amma and Marian in one persone. Why? Amma didn’t exist in this movie. We saw Marian during the whole movie but her name was Amma. There was no book Amma at all and I really hated that. Probably one of the biggest disappointments. Also, Viola Davis was not Amma or Marian at all, didn’t like her. Another character that was actually good was Link even though there was no much of it in the movie, but that guy who played him was so Link. I’m glad because they didn’t ruin Link. Ridley was so badass and I that girl who played her did very good job. He was bitchy, she was cool and she was evil. Amazing!

The ending was the worst part of the movie. They changed it completely, it was so cheesy and very, very bad. The way Macon died was terrible, they portrayed everything like Lena was Light Caster now because Macon died whhich is so NOT true. Second, that part where Lena erases Ethan’s memory of her and everything, so terrible and very cheesy. It was obvious they won’t make the second movie so they did what they did but I was freaking out the whole time. But the thing I hated the most was that they made the whole movie a lot like Twilight and it was absolutely disgusting. Why would you want to ruin such an amazing book with the terrible movie. As much as I love the book I hate the movie. If I watched the movie first I would probably never read the book but I’m glad I read the book first. If you read the book I do not recommend this movie to you but if you haven’t read the book then I guess you can watch the movie, maybe you’ll even like it. I don’t know…

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1)
Kami Garcia & Margater Stohl – Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles #2)

Delirium Pilot | Book to Movie Adaptation


Even though I liked the pilot, I’m glad that this won’t become the tv show. First, why would you want to put the whole 300 paged book into one episode of the tv show that is only 45 minutes long? It can’t possibly turn out good and that is probably why most people hated the pilot. However, I think they did pretty good job and it could’ve been a really good tv show but they shouldn’t put the whole first book into pilot and it would turn out so much better. They left out a lot of a plot and it wasn’t convincing enough. I mean, I liked it because I read the book and I knew what is happening but for someone who haven’t read the book this may be really confusing and weird. It was a bit weird even for me. Lena and Alex talk only few times and they instantly fall in love and suddenly she trusts him even though two days ago she was so afraid of the ‘disease’ and was sure the cure is the best thing that can happen to her. Not convincing at all. In the book we see Lena’s character development, how she doesn’t believe Alex and how she is afraid and then later she starts to really trust him and everything. And there is so much missing! So many cute scenes, important scenes… I liked the pilot but it could’ve been so much better.  delirium_poster_by_lsmyang-d5yhz5h

Even the actors were pretty good. I love the cast! Probably the best thing they did about this tv show. Emma Roberts is not how I imagined Lena but she did a pretty good job and she was really good Lena at the end. Jeanine Mason was awesome. Yeah, Hana should’ve been blonde but I really don’t care. Jeanine was amazing and she was so Hana. Daren Kagasoff was Alex and I liked him. When I first saw the trailer I was disappointed but when I watched the pilot I realized how good he is. He is far from how I imagined Alex but he did good job and I liked Alex on the screen. I was a bit confused about who is Julian because I haven’t read the rest of the trilogy yet but I found out he appears in later book so that explains it, I guess. Gregg Sulkin did a good job and I liked his character a lot.

So, as I said, the pilot wasn’t perfect but I liked it. It had so much potential to be good but they screw it up. The good thing is that now I want to re-read Delirium (I started reading it) and then continue with the trilogy. Can’t wait.  At first I didn’t want to watch pilot because everyone said it’s bad and that they didn’t like it but I was curious and I had a bit of free time so why not. I’m not that disappointed but I am a little bit. It’s definitely not the worst book to movie adaptation I’ve seen but it’s not the best too. However, I do recommend it if you have 45 minutes to spend.

Lauren Oliver – Delirium (Delirium #1)
Lauren Oliver – Hana (Delirium #1.5)
Lauren Oliver – Pandemonium (Delirium #2)
Lauren Oliver – Requiem (Delirium #3)

Beastly | Book to Movie Adaptation


I read the book Beastly by Alex Flinn few years ago and I knew there was movie out there but I never watched it. But when I accidently came across the trailer for the movie, I immediately decided that I have to watch it. The trailer look so awesome and I was very excited about the movie and it didn’t disappoint me at all. This movie was amazing. I don’t remember all the details from the book but I think the movie followed the book pretty well and they didn’t make a lot of changes.

I absolutely LOVED the cast for Beastly. That was basicly the reason why I wanted to watch the movie. Alex Pettyfer was great and so hot, and even when they made him a beast (they did a very good job with it, it was so cool and so unlike anything I imagined) he was still kind of attractive. He did a great job and he was so Kyle/Adrian, I’m very content with him playing the main role. Vanessa Hudgens was so Lindy. She did great, she was cute, innocent and nice and I loved the chemistry between her and Alex. They did great job developing their romance and I liked how Lindy slowly fell for Kyle/Adrian and that we got to see that, there was no insta-love at all. I’m very glad we got that because it is mostly ruined in the movies. Another great choice for a role was Mary-Kate Olsen who was amazing Kendra. I never imagined Kendra like that but she did a very good job and was perfect. The way she talked, walked and acted was so witchy and so Kendra, I loved it. And last but not least is Neil Patrick Harris who was absolutely perfect Will. So, so good. When I saw him in a trailer I was so excited and surprised. He was great and didn’t disappoint me at all.

The movie was surprisingly good and I absolutely adore it. It was really great and if you liked the book (I should definitely re-read it soon) I guarantee that you will love the movie. Watch it!