Thomas Hoobler – Come Sit By Me | Review

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The boy who shot seven people in the school library is dead. But did his secrets die with him?
Something terrible happened at Hamilton High last year, and those who survived don’t want to relive the past. But Paul has just arrived, and gets the same locker that the shooter used. He wants to know what really happened…and you know what curiosity did to the cat.


I was provided with an e-ARC  of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Booktrope for letting me read this!

I picked this book up mostly because of the cover, but when I read the synopsis, I knew I was going to like this book. And I really did. Come Sit By Me comes out tomorrow (July 15th), so I’m writing this review kind of last minute, but whatever. I highly enjoyed this book, though I don’t think it’s for everyone.25665769

The premise sounded really interesting to me and I really liked the mystery at the beginning. Thomas Hoobler introduced us with the setting and the characters on an interesting way, and the beginning of the book was neither too fast or too slow. I liked how Paul quickly met all the important characters and he was soon just another student, not a newbie (which was very weird for me, since I am not very social, but that’s my problem). But the more he fit in the school and the more stuff he discovered, I realized I knew how this book is going to end. Whenever I read a mystery book, I try to guess ‘the bad guy’ and I usually epicly fail so at the end the twist blows my mind. With this book, I guessed correctly and I was even right about what exactly happened, which odd out from my enjoyment a bit. It’s not that the twist is not good, I actually really like it, but the clues we got through the book were just way too obvious. But other than that, I really liked the plot, it was exciting and intense and I just flew through this book in two sittings. Another thing I really appreciate about this book is that there is no romance. Yes, a YA book without romance. Surprised, ha? Okay, there are some boy/girl scenes and our main character does talk about girls, but there is no real romance. Paul does hook up with girls, but does he fall deeply in love with that one perfect girl and then the entire book is about him swooning over her? Nope. Not in this book. And I find THAT realistic.

I really liked Paul as a protagonist. His obsession with wanting to find out what happened was very interesting and I was excited just as much as he was whenever he found another clue. I found him to be a very realistic character, and not this idealized main character who does everything right. He was portrayed as a curious teenage boy who wanted to be accepted. He got in trouble, he made stupid decisions, he was very interested in girl’s boobs and he kept secrets, but you can’t really blame him for any of that. Which teenager isn’t like Paul?
I really like Terry. She was a bit stereotypical and she reminded me a lot of Annabeth or Hermione (you know, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter). But I liked her relationship with Paul and how it all played out between them at the end (I already said there is no romance, so don’t expect it).
When it comes to Cale, I have no idea what to think about him. I really appreciate him as a character and it was definitely interesting to unravel that mystery surrounding him. He was weird, but he was also very naive and dumb. No wonder it was so easy to manipulate with him.
Overall, characters in this book were all very different and unique and I enjoyed reading about all of them. They all added a lot to the whole story, but Cale’s backstory was just wow. I even feel a bit sorry for him. Though he is very weird and very creepy.

Through the first part of the book, I though the writing was okay. It was good, pace was fitting to the storyline, protagonist was funny and I really liked his voice, but I wasn’t really impressed. You know, just a regular, high-quality writing style. But then, the second part of the book came, Caleb’s Book, and I was completely blown away. All that misspelling and confused writing, but also some beautiful quotes at the same time, made me really appreciate Thomas Hoobler. Yeah, it was painful to read all these words misspelled and I felt like I won’t be able to spell properly after reading this book, but I also really enjoyed decipering all the words. Also I have to mention this beautiful, but morbid, quote: They can’t hurt you when you’re dead. I know I’m a weird person, but I find this quote to be very cool and very empowering.

If you’re okay with reading a book about a weird, crazy character, I definitely recommend this book to you. I highly enjoy it and I am very happy that I got to review this book. It was an insane ride and I would be really happy if this book becomes popular in the book community (though I don’t think it will, unfortunately). But YOU can read it and spread the word. It definitely deserves a lot of love.


Brenna Ehrlich – Placid Girl | Review

boo review

Punk was created for the malcontents, something that loner and aspiring drummer Hallie understands all too well. Trapped in a boring suburban life – dysfunctional parents included! – Hallie drowns her angst in the angry songs of Haze, a masked musician who has not been heard from in five years. So naturally she’s surprised – and more than a little skeptical – when someone who seems to be Haze starts flirting with her via her favorite photo-sharing app. Is he who he says he is? What does he want from her? The questions only multiply when Hallie — along with bandmate Sarah and aspiring music journalist Steve — roadtrip to Haze’s comeback gig to unmask the reclusive musician once and for all.


I was provided with an e-ARC  of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to All Ages Press for letting me read this!

I first heard about this book from Kacie (Kacie’s Bookshelf) when I read her review and I knew I had to read Placid Girl ASAP. The premise sounded so cool and different from everything I’ve ever read, and since it’s quite short, I knew I’d fly through it. I was very curious to see how Brenna Ehrlich made this whole romance between a famous singer and his huge fan, but this book ended up being so much more than I expected it to be. Very pleasant surprise.24465492

This book was a bit slow at the beginning, because we had to meet all the characters, in order to understand their actions later (especially Hallie), but I didn’t really mind. However, as the book goes on, plot really picks up and eventually it comes to the point when I realized how messed up and weird this book actually is. And this is a compliment, if you were wondering. Crazy stuff start to happen near the end of the book and there are some pretty intense scenes. I was completely mind-blown when I finished it.
I love the ending so much, though it’s nothing like I imagined it. Throughout the entire book I was trying to guess who Haze is nd my theories changed with pretty much every chapter, but I was always more or less wrong. I did guess one part of the mystery, but that twist at the end… I really did not see it coming.

I liked how every character in this book had it’s own backstory and relationships between all the chaaracters are so complex and beautifully done. However, I wish we got to know them even better.
Hallie was not the best protagonist ever, but I didn’t hate her. I actually kind of liked her. She always lived in a shadow of her best friend and she was not confident enough, so when someone finally started noticing her, instead of her best friend, of course she stops thinking and makes some stupid decisions. I don’t really blame her for that.
I hated Sarah. I could not like her, no matter how much I tried. Even at the end, I couldn’t. She’s selfish and a terrible best friend. There are no excuses for that.
Steve is bae. I did not really like him at the very beginning, but quickly I grew to love him. He’s cool and interesting, though he has his own problems. His story is just so sad, but also very well done. Great new layer to the whole story. Also, I ship him and Hallie so hard.
Parents in this book were all portrayed as more or less terrible people. Hallies parents are the ones less terrible, since they just ignored her (though I kind of like Hallie’s dad), but Steve’s dad was the worst. I completely hate the guy.
I almost forgot to mention Haze. I’m not going to tell you my opinion on him since that would probably ruin the whole book for you, but I will tell you that I was very surprised with his character. I think he’s a very interesting character, very complex and different, but I’m not telling you whether I liked him or not. If you read the book, you can probably guess.

The best aspect of this book is definitely the writing style. It’s so beautiful and captivating. At the beginning, we had all those amazing descriptions of how Hallie feels when she listenes to music, it made me want to stop reading and just go enjoy the music, but I stopped myself from doing that. I also really liked parts when Hallie remembered how she spent a lot of time with her dad in the past. So beautiful! Brenna Ehrlich‘s style is very lyrical and she’s very good at making different atmospheres in the book. She uses a lot of fancy words, but there is a lot of cursing as well. I think it’s all balanced out at the end, so it doesn’t seem unrealistic. Brenna Ehrlich really knows how to write, I was very surprised when I found out that this is her debut novel. I want more of her books!

I am very happy that I had a chance to read this book, but I have no idea who would I recommend it to. There definitely are some weird and sometimes even creepy parts, so if you’re not comfortable with that, maybe you should skip this one, but I you enjoy weird and unexpected, this book is definitely for you. This book doesn’t come out until August 25th, but maybe you can try and get it from NetGalley like I did.

Robin Sloan – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore | Review

The Great Recession has shuffled Clay Jannon away from life as a San Francisco web-design drone and into the aisles of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. But after a few days on the job, Clay discovers that the store is more curious than either its name or its gnomic owner might suggest. The bookstore’s secrets extend far beyond its walls.

★★★★☆ 13538873

When I first saw this book in a bookstore, I immediately made my best friend to buy it for me (since I had already spent my money on other books), so she bought it and gave it to me as a birthday present. She’s the best. Now, my birthday is in January. Now it’s June. Why didn’t I read this book earlier? I have no idea.

The whole premise of this book sounds just awesome. It’s a book about books and every bookworm can enjoy it. Well, that’s at least how it’s advertised and that’s what I expected from it. However, that’s not so true. Yes, it definitely is about books and one very weird bookstore, but it’s much more about technology and how computers and books intertwine, and not so much about books themselves. Still, I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick and fun read, the mystery was very well done, though the final reveal was not as exciting and mindblowing as I hoped it would be. For me, while reading I had a little bit of I am the Messenger and Ready, Player, One vibe. It reminded me of I am the Messneger because of the narrating style, and of Ready, Player, One because of all the geeky stuff.

Throughout the book we follow our main character Clay who is a very funny narrator and I liked that this book is in first person, but Clay didn’t really have very much personality. Also, we met a ton of side characters, but most of them were pretty flat and quite boring. Every single character had something that made them special and they all had a huge potential to become awesome characters, but I guess they were just underdeveloped. I did like Ajax Penumbra a lot, he’s probably the most interesting character in the book. Probably the weirdest as well. All the other characters were just names, without any personality.

It almost feels like author focused all of his attention to the mystery and how to make it even more complicated and at the end he just didn’t want to deal with characters as well so he just made a little bit of background story for each of them so the book can have semi-interesting characters. Aside from that, I did enjoy Robin Sloan‘s writing style. This book was very funny and easy to read and I very much liked all the stuff I learned about computers and books while reading this book. It was both entertaining and educational.

I would definitely recommend this book to you if you’re looking for something light-harded and fun to read over summer. This book is the perfect choice.

C. J. Lyons – Lifelines (Angels of Mercy #1) | Review

A gripping behind-the-scenes drama of four women who face life and death every day
On her first day at Pittsburgh’s Angels of Mercy Medical Center, L.A.-transplant Lydia Fiore, the new ER attending physician, loses a patient: the Chief of Surgery’s son. Now, to save her career, Lydia must discover the truth behind her patient’s death, even as it leads her into unfamiliar-and risky-territory.
At least she’s not alone. There’s med student Amanda, a sweet Southern belle with problems of her own; Gina, a resident with a chip on her shoulder; and Nora, the no-nonsense charge nurse with a cool head but a fiery temper. Not to mention the paramedic who’d like to try out his bedside manner on Lydia.

★★★★★ 2766206

My mom bought this book last fall and I was eyeing this book since then. In January, I put this book on my TBR, and now I’ve finally read it. I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t like it, sicne it’s out of my confort zone and I don’t usually read books in this genre, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this book so much and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

The premise of this book didn’t sound super interesting to me when I first read the summary and I started reading this book only because of the romance. However, the plot ended up being very interesting ang gripping. I couldn’t put the book down and I just needed to know what happens. Last 50-100 pages of this book were super intense and I barely breathed while reading. The entire book is action-packed and thrilling, and every single chapter ends on a cliffhanger so you just have to continue reading. Plot is set over the course of 5 days, but so many stuff happened. Also, I liked different POVs we got. The main focus was on Lydia, of course, but we got to see Amanda’s, Nora’s and Gina’s POV as well and I liked all the glimpses into their lives and their feelings. Another this I really like is the idea that every book in this four-book series follows one of the girls, and other three are just side charcters. I just find that to be a super cool concept. When it comes to the mystery part, I was not able to guess who is the ”bad guy”, but I loved the way everything unraveled. Also, I think I liked the part after we found out who the ”bad guy” is even more.

Characters in this book are very interesting and very well done. Every single one of them has their own demons and their own story, and their stories all intertwine and make a beautiful background of this book.
Lydia is a very interesting character. She’s been through so much, but she turned out to be very badass and awesome. I liked her so much and her character sounded very believable. She is an awesome doctor, she did solve the mystery and all of those expected stuff, but she was real. She has her demons and she doesn’t always fight them, but she has definitely become one of my role-models. Her relationship with Trey… I don’t know. At first it was very cheesy and kind of discusting, but later I ended up shipping them so hard. The romance in the second part of the book is much deeper and I got to see the connection between Trey and Lydia a lot better. I liked how Trey was the only one who knew what Lydia needed. So, I ship it. Trey as a character is awesome as well, I liked him from the beginning, but I wish we got to meet him a little bit better. However, I really liked his family. Those people are just awesome.
Character which I think I’m supposed to like, but I don’t is Gina. I just couldn’t connect to her. I tried to understand her, I tried to root for her, but I just couldn’t make myself care about her. I did like Nora a lot, especially at the end of the book when she became strong and independent. I’m glad she got over the bad thing that happened to her. Amanda is probably my favourite character, after Lydia. I don’t know exactly why, but I really like that girl. Also, I hope there will be some romance between her and this doctor whose name I can’t remember at the moment. They would be a cute couple and I ship them.

I have no idea what else to say about this book. I love it so much and I can’t wait to read the sequel. Hopefully, that will happen this summer. It needs to happen. Also, I recommend this book!

R. L. Stine – Final Grade (Fear Street #30) | Review

Everyone thinks she killed her teacher
Intense, competitive, Lily Bancroft had good reasons to hate him. She lives to win, and he was about to destroy her dreams. But murder? That was going too far, even for someone as driven as Lily.
She’s innocent. But that hasn’t stopped the whispers behind her back. Or the weird phone calls late at night. Then someone else is brutally murdered and suddenly Lily is drawn into a nightmare she can’t begin to control. Will her final grade be her last?

★★★★☆ images

Getting beck to Stine‘s books is always a great experience for me. Final Grade was no different from his other books – which means it was fun, quick and creepy. I read it in one sitting and it was exactly what I needed in a study break. Premise was interesting, because every single one of his books has a different setting and situations in which characters find themselves are always original and I think that’s awesome, since he wrote A LOT of books.

The plot was not really a hit for me as I hoped it would be, but I enjoyed the book anyway. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that I knew who is the killer halfway through the book. I read that one sentence in the book and I immediately knew who was it. I even marked it i my book and wrote down that I was 99% sure it’s that person. Aside from that, I really liked the book. It was fast-paced and crazy, we got some creepy murders, and even creepier characters.

Characters were pretty cliche and unoriginal, but I already got used to that in Stine‘s books.
Lily was such an annoying character. She frustrated me so much and I really hated her. She is just so stupid! Yeah, maybe she was smart when it came to school and studying, but I life situations, she was just dumb. But I guess none of the stuff would happen in the book if she was actualy clever.
I obviously can’t talk about other characters in the book because I would spoil everything for you, but I’m just going to say that the person who is the killer and the ‘bad guy’ in this book is just so creepy and I can’t even find a tiny little reason to like that person. It’s all so messed up, and if Lily didn’t annoy me so much, I would actually feel sorry for her.

I hate myself for saying this, but I’m not a huge fan of the writing style. I do enjoy Stine‘s books and all of that, but the style itself is actually pretty cheesy and and very simple. Everything in this book was naive and obvious, but somehow, I always buy it.

To wrap it all up, I just want to say that I’m glad I picked this book up, but I have to admit that younger me enjoyed R. L. Stine a lot more. I guess I’m a bit more mature reader now, but I still like to remember my favourite childhood authors.

Salla Simukka – As Red as Blood (Lumikki Andersson #1) | Review

In the midst of the freezing Arctic winter, seventeen-year-old Lumikki Andersson walks into her school’s dark room and finds a stash of wet, crimson-colored money. Thousands of Euros left to dry—splattered with someone’s blood.

Lumikki lives alone in a studio apartment far from her parents and the past she left behind. She transferred into a prestigious art school, and she’s singularly focused on studying and graduating. Lumikki ignores the cliques, the gossip, and the parties held by the school’s most popular and beautiful boys and girls.

But finding the blood-stained money changes everything. Suddenly, Lumikki is swept into a whirlpool of events as she finds herself helping to trace the origins of the money. Events turn even more deadly when evidence points to dirty cops and a notorious drug kingpin best known for the brutality with which he runs his business.

As Lumikki loses control of her carefully constructed world, she discovers that she’s been blind to the forces swirling around her—and she’s running out of time to set them right. When she sees the stark red of blood on snow, it may be too late to save her friends or herself.

★★★★★ 20929561

When I first saw this book, I thought it’s a fairytale retelling of Snow White. However, it’s not a fairytale retelling at all. I’m not really into crime and detective books, but I was intrigued by the premise of this book and I expected it to be good. And it turned out to be awesome. It was action-packed, intense, thrilling and I read it in two sittings. Once when I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down. Why did I think this was a Snow White retelling? Because this trilogy is also known as Snow White trilogy. Why is it called Snow White trilogy when it’s not a retelling of Snow White? Because the main character is called Lumikki, which in Finish means Snow White. The fun thing is, she doesn’t look like Snow White at all. Isn’t that cool?

I absolutely loved the plot in this book. It kept me at the edge of my seat and I just wanted to find out what was going to happen next. I loved these different POVs because we got to see both Lumikki and the ”bad guys”, but it didn’t really spoil anything and it was done very well. It just managed to confuse me even more and I kept flipping pages to see what happens at the end. And except the main mystery about the money and crime, we also find out that something happened Lumikki in the past, but we don’t know what exactly. It’s definitely something dark and unpleasant, but we get to see only snippets from her ”old” life which only made me more curious and I really want to find out what is it that made her who she is. I think it’s really cool how past and present intertwine throughout the whole book and even though one mystery is solved at the end, there are so many more questions left unanswered and it makes me want to pick up the second book immediately.

I really liked Lumikki. She was fantastic protagonist and this book was so awesome mostly because of her. She was very unique and very different from any other female character I’ve ever read about. She was strong, determined and even though she went through a lot, she stayed cold-headed and brave. All these little details we find out about her through the book were just building one on top of another until we could picture her character and what she may have been through. I could also relate to her and I found out that we are very simmilar in some ways, but completely different in others.
Elisa was my second favourite character. At the beginning she seemed like another shallow popular pretty girl, but toward the end of the book, she went through huge character development and I ended up really liking her. She practically grew up in these five days when book takes place.
Terho was probably my least favourite character and he wasn’t even the biggest criminal and bad guy out of all of them. I just hated the guy. He was selfish, stupid but tried to be presented as a good guy who found himself in something bad. Well, I don’t buy it. It was his decision and he should’ve think about concequences before. Idiot.

I actually didn’t like the writting style very much. I found it a bit amateur and not very special, but it’s a possibility that this is because of translation (the book is originally written in Finish, then translated to English, and then my copy also from English to Croatian) so I wouldn’t be surprised if the writing style got lost in the process. However, I didn’t care much about that because the plot itself was interesting enough. There were some beautiful quotes as well, and this book had some awesome creepy atmosphere. I could easily get into it and finish it in no time.

I would definitely recommend this book to you if you haven’t read it yet. I know that I’ll be reading the next book very soon because I need answers!

John Green – Paper Towns | Review

Who is the real Margo?
Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs into his life—dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge—he follows. After their all-nighter ends, and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues—and they’re for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees the girl he thought he knew…

★★★★☆ 6442769

I have to admit, the idea of this book is not very appealing to me, but since it’s John Green‘s book, I had to pick it up and I didn’t regret it. It was very interesting to see how much Q cared for Margo. At first you’d think it was just a regular teenage crush, but as the book goes on we actually see that his love is real. Though I expected this book is another contemoprary romance between two young people, this book was so much more than that. I wouldn’t even say it’s a romance book, it’s more like  a mystery book with elements of romance which I definitely liked.

The beginning of this book was fantastic and I expected it to be another great read, but then I came to the middle of the book and I just got bored. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it was just much worse than the beginning. After a long struggle with this book, I finally got to the interesting part again and then I just flew through the rest of the book. It feels like John Green knew the beginning and the ending, but didn’t know what to do with the middle. But the plot itself, if I look in total, was really interesting and sometimes very fun. I loved the mystery a lot and I was constantly trying to figure out Margo and her reasons to leave, but I just couldn’t. I have mixed feelings about all these descriptions of teenagers’ life, though. I just didn’t like it. All those parties, and prom, and school drama… sometimes I find those interesting, but sometimes (like in this book) there are so many cliches and everything is so stereotypic that I just want to scream. It could’ve been done with much more originality!

I already said how much I like Q and it’s mostly because he proved how much he cares for Margo. He was maybe a bit naive at the beginning of the book when she basically used him just because she needed a car and a ‘partner in crime’, but that definitely changed later. I really liked his determination to find Margo, but it was also nice to see how Ben and Radar were trying to help him even though they didn’t fully understand him. I wish I had friends who are that supportive. I found Radar to be a vary interesting character, if not the best done character in the book. I have mixed feelings about Ben, though. At first I didn’t like him at all, but at the end my opinion completely changed and I started to like him, but I still have some issues with his character, and the main problem is that his character was such a cliche and I just didn’t buy it. However, he also made ma laugh a lot so I decided to go over the fact he’s built on a stereotype. Another thing I didn’t buy was Margo Roth Spiegelman. I didn’t find her very mysterious or particulary interesting. She was just annoying and selfish, and that was proven at the end. Yeah, I can understand what Q saw in her, but I just couldn’t make myself to love her. Sorry, Margo.

When I already mentioned Margo Roth Spiegelman, John Green did it again. He really likes using full names for his main female characters and I find it so cool. I believe he does that in his every book. I love John Green‘s writing style in general because he manages to say so much with a few simple words and that’s just art. He’s definitely one of my favourite authors and I think that is never going to change. This was far from his best book out there, but it was definitely not a bad one. I just think it could’ve been done a bit better, that’s all.

After a few months of reading this book (yes, it took me A FEW months to finish this book), I am finally done and I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun and entertaining read and I’d definitely recommend it, but be aware that John Green can do so much better than this.

There is also going to be a movie based on this book and I’m super excited! It should come out on June 5th 2015.